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Friday, January 27, 2012

Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS

by Anne Boehm
15 chapters, 496 pages, 205 figures
ISBN 978-1-890774-57-8 
In just the first 6 chapters of this book, you'll learn more about web development than you can from most full books.
It's true! In fact, by the end of the crash course in Section 1, you'll be developing web pages the way today's best professionals do.

That means you'll be using HTML/XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in tandem: HTML/XHTML to provide and identify the various elements of content on the web page (headings, paragraphs, images, etc.) and CSS to format and lay out the elements. You'll be amazed at the sophisticated pages you'll be producing, including those that require the use of the CSS box model, floating, and positioning.
But that's just the start. In Section 2, you'll see how to refine your web pages with the features that users expect today. That includes:

Adding Flash, audio, and video to your pages
  • Formatting your web content for easy printing
  • Adapting your pages to display on mobile devices
  • Using tested JavaScript code to add features like image rollovers, image swaps, and slide shows (a great first step in learning JavaScript) 

The chapters in this section are independent of each other, and each focuses on the how-tos of a single feature. So you can go to whatever topic you need to learn next, whenever you need to learn it.
Finally, Section 3 rounds out your skills with chapters on web design and deployment. Once you have a good grasp of how to develop web pages, you can understand the kinds of decisions you have to make in designing a site, and chapter 14 shows you how to do that using today's best practices. Then, chapter 15 shows you not only how to deploy your site on a web server, but how to get the site indexed on the major search engines and directories.
So whether you're new to web development or whether you've been frustrated by the slow pace and gaping holes in the other training you've tried, this book is for YOU.

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