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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Hacked Websites of 2011

Hacking is on top verge and due to it the number of hacked Websites is increasing day by day. Hackers use various tools and codes (SQL injection ,Cross-site scripting) to decode and exploit the website leaving their sign (secret names) crediting themselves. Even the big and established websites are not able to protect themselves from some hacks (usually zero-day exploits). There have been various huge and great websites being hacked in 2011. I personally collected some data and thought to present you with:

The Top HACKS of 2011  
InMotion Hosting (Over 700,000 Websites Hacked) InMotion Hosting Server was hacked by a hacker TiGER-M@TE who hacked the whole data center of InMotion Hosting, one of the leading Hosting Service Providers. The hacker added Index.php and Index.html Files leading to hack of so many websites. This surely is one of the biggest hacks of 2011. The sites were hacked on 25 September, 2011.  
Microsoft’s Official Youtube Channel Hacked Microsoft’s Official Youtube Channel was recently hacked two weeks ago. The hacker removed all the videos uploaded by Microsoft and posted 3-4 short videos promoting some website and showing animation. The location in the profile was changed to “Hey” and the channel’s description reads : I DID NOTHING WRONG I SIMPLY SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT THAT I MADE IN 2006 .  

CBI Website Homepage Hacked The Central Bureau of Investigation website was hacked by an organisation called “ Pakistan Cyber Army“.One of the most secure and high level website of India was hacked by Pakistan Troop. The hacker defaced the homepage of CBI Website and left with a message “P*k*stanZin*ab**d” . It is embarrassing seeing CBI website being hacked.  

Pakistan Supreme Court Website Pakistan’s Supreme Court Website was hacked by a hacker using name Zombie_Ksa, a pakistani hacker. The hacker seemed to have good intentions as wrote on the website : “So I am here to request you to go out there and help the poor, needy and hungry” conveying message to Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary to ban pornographic websites in Pakistan. More than 10,000 Accounts of Facebook Data Leaked Swastika, a group of hackers leaked 10,000 Facebook Accounts data on text sharing website, Pastebin. The list has now been removed by Pastebin.  
UNESCO E-Platform Hacked The E-Platform hack of UNESCO Website was also one of the biggest hack of 2011. The hackers group, Fatal Error Crew were successful in defacing UNESCO E-Platform and putting up their index.html file.  

BSNL India Website Hacked Leading Telecom Provider of India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited aka BSNL’s website was hacked by a Pakistan Hacker “KhantastiC haX0r”. Although he wasn’t able to get any content from the website, he was successful in defacing the website and putting his credits to website. Many other Top Notch Websites have been victims of Hackers in 2011,so don’t leave any security flaw in your website, secure it first and then work on it. The list of Top Hacks is huge, but yes the above were selected ones. 

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