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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Encrypt Files And Folders In Windows 7

Encryption is a method to protect your files from unauthorized access.Windows 7 has inbuilt Encryption capabilities so that you don’t have spend extra money on these type of softwares.File encryption is becoming more and more important these days.If you fear that somebody may transfer your important data from your computer then go for windows encryption.The person is still able to transfer your data but they will never be able to read/open that data because it is encrypted and it cannot be opened without private encryption key.Encryption is the safest Protection for files and folders that windows 7 provides to its users.

Now,lets start the step by step tutorial with screen shots on how to encrypt files and folders in windows 7.

1.Right click on the folder you want to encrypt and then click on properties.

2.In the properties dialog click on  Advanced under the general tab.

3.After clicking on advanced you will see a prompt,check the box in the prompt which says  Encrypt Contents To Secure Data

4.If your trying to encrypt a folder you will see another prompt asking you whether you would like to encrypt subfolder also.Click on OK.

5.Now your files will be encrypted.

Note: If you are performing the encryption for the first time then you should backup your encryprtion key certiface because without this encryption key certificate you wont be able to open your files or folders on other computers.
6.Your Encrypted files and folders names will turn into green colour which indicates that the these files have been encrypted.

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