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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Play hidden Snake Game In Youtube

We all visit youtube and watch videos but how many of us are aware of youtube hidden Snake game.I believe only a few people know about this hidden snake game.You can play this game on youtube while streaming any video.Snake gmae is one of the most interesting and traditional game in the world of gaming.In this tutorial I will show you how you can play this game on youtube.But before I begin this tutorial I would also like to mention that you can also play pacman game on google .If you dont know how then click here to know how to play pacman

Lets begin the tutorial on how to play hidden game on youtube1.Goto youtube and open any video for streaming
2.When the video is streaming Hold left button of mouse + Left arrow on keyboard + Top arrow on keyboard.
3.Now you will see that the streaming circle starting to move like a snake.

 4.You can control the movements of the snake using arrow keys of your keyboard.
5.Try to play this game on youtube with videos having some dark background to increase visibility
Enjoy the game and keep visiting our site for more tips and tricks

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