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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wide Angle Scuba Series HD 322 Camera Mask

The wide angle scuba series HD 322 camera mask is a dive mask. It records both still images and video. The new model is able to cover the depths reached by a certified recreational diver. The mask which is equipped with a micro SDHC/SD slot comes with a micro SD card of 2 GB memory. You can even expand the memory to 32 GB which will allow you to record 16 hours of video and thousands of still life images. 4 triple A batteries are used to run the camera.

The mask comes with lever-style buttons that are operable even under diving gloves. Inside the mask are LED lights used to indicate the user’s mode. For first time users, the wide angle will help you frame your subject completely and effectively. With the wider angle POV cameras, you are able to focus more on your snorkeling, scuba diving activity as opposed to how to effectively operate the camera.

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