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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sony Mobile Launches the Smashing XPERIA NXT

Salient Features of the XPERIA NXT Series

The advanced Sony technology is all set to provide in this series the experience of letting people individually choose their medium of sharing and enjoying contents of premium entertainment, be it smart phones, TV, tablet or notebook.
The outer look of this series is a unique and unlike anything seen before. A transparent band wraps around the base of this gadget which contributes to its “transparent element” and at the same time integrates the antennae components that are not visible from the outside. When a person is to receive any incoming calls, text messages or other similar updates related to the social networks, this transparent band will light up.
The user interface has also been upgraded and it certainly helps improving the Android experience. This allows people to enjoy simple and neat contents as well as the combination of the rich and heavy-loaded applications.
The mobile BRAVIA engine will be used for empowering the Reality Display feature in both the XPERIA P and XPERIA U. Its 1GHz dual-core processors are excellent in fulfilling versatile requirements regardless of the obstacles. However, the camera might be a little slow in pick-up, but it flawlessly delivers never the less.

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