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Saturday, April 28, 2012

7 Inch Android 2.2 Tablet PC Review

Item Type:    Tablet PC
Screen Size:    7"
Brand Name:    gameslaor
Processor Manufacture:    VIA
Touch Screen Type:    Resistance Screen
Color:    Black
Processor Main Frequency:    800MHz
Memory Capacity:    256MB
Weight:    500 g
Model Number:    8121
Processor Model:    VIA WM8605
Color:    black, silver
Place of Origin:    Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Graphics Card Type:    Integrated Card
Hard Drive Capacity:    Other
Optical Drive Type:    Other
Products Status:    Stock

Friday, April 6, 2012

Apple iPad 2 Review

See and Be Seen
One of the great things about Apple's wide range of portable products is their variety of features and functionality. And as we have come to expect updated, enhanced offerings from the folks in Cupertino each year, sometimes it's as simple as subsequently picking and choosing, introducing the innovations from one device into another.

Such is largely the scenario with the redesigned Apple iPad 2. Following up an absolutely insane launch of the first generation iPad in 2010, with long lines, sellouts and extended backorders, Apple has introduced a new and improved lineup. The iPad 2 is available in the same three capacities as last year (16, 32 and 64 gigabytes of embedded flash memory) and in both basic Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models. But this year the compatible carrier choices have broadened to either AT&T or new partner Verizon Wireless. In typical fashion, the new generation maintains the pricepoints across the line ($499, $599 and $699 respectively), with a flat $130 increment on all of the 3G versions.

Apple is calling this an "all-new design," but at first glance you might think it was an identical twin. It's now about a third of an inch thick, down from a half, and a barely-noticeable smidge shorter and narrower, so it should work just fine with last year's iPad sleeves and bags and such, although protective skins and other form-fitting accessories won't quite work. It's also slightly lighter in weight, about one-and-a-third pounds, reduced from one-and-a-half. So it's certainly refined, but also readily recognizable, although the white model might take a moment to get used to.

It also feels very much the same in the hands, although Apple has also brought us an aptly-named new twist with their Smart Covers. These colorful lids, in either polyurethane or high-quality leather, attach to the elusive edge of the device with slim magnets. The process is actually foolproof, as the Smart Cover not only clings securely but it automatically lines up exactly where it should.

Apple's iPad 2, shown here flanked by the full array of new Smart Covers

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Apple iPad Review

iPod XL

Can a piece of consumer electronics hardware be the third party in an illicit love triangle? Case in point, my cousin, who played with the Apple iPad 64GB on and off for two days during my loaner period, fell for it so hard that he immediately put his name on the waiting list, and shortly after it arrived, his wife suspected that he would be leaving her for it. While my professional reaction wasn't quite so severe, I admit that the iPad is, shall we say, seductive.

Whenever I get in the really cool gadgets, I solicit the opinions of family and friends, starting with my nuclear brood and working outward. My wife is now figuring out all the ways this thing could fit into her busy life. My kids keep asking me "Where's the iPad?" And even the techno-phobic older generation picked up the touch interface almost immediately, then asked me to leave them the hell alone so they could explore.

Upon unboxing my much-coveted iPad, I remembered my initial thought when seeing the photos online: This thing is essentially a huge iPod touch. I felt as if I was trapped in an episode of Land of the Giants, and the product now dwarfed my once-massive man-mitts. And I'm cool with that: To me, this is a logical direction for Apple to go with their portable media devices, onward and upward, physically. While all iPods have always been pocketable, they lack the sheer size to make shareability feasible for multiple viewers, from a distance, like the ubiquitous, versatile, and for many folks indispensable portable DVD player.

But what portable DVD player offers a touch screen? And a world of apps? And no moving parts? And a ten-hour battery, standard? Will the iPad make the portable DVD player obsolete? Well, no, not with a starting price of $500, but the prospect of loading up massive amounts of varied content and going on our merry way is an undeniably attractive proposition.

Hold Me Now

From an entertainment standpoint, the iPad experience is exceptional. The physical package is handy; thin, lightweight, happily big but not too big; with just a few hard controls on the edges and one button on the face. Unfortunately, the iPad's über-sized mimicry of the iPod touch leads to my main complaint. If we don't want to hold it--and who does, for two hours straight--what do we do with it, exactly? I suppose if we happen to be near a desk or a table, we can find something heavy and stable to prop it up with. But it's solid, and smooth, and so it is prone to slip, as I found out while trying to rest it on my lap, and the polished one-piece metal back tended to go all Jamaican bobsled off my jeans. We'll need an iPad case, stat, perhaps one that folds/unfolds to give it a little extra height at the rear, or at least a silicone sleeve to add friction so it stays put.

The striking new iPad hardware in all its sleek glory
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