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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Add a Sub-domain to a Custom Domain in Enom

In this article I hope to explain how to get a sub-domain(s) for your custom domain.If you get your custom domain name through google/ and your domain host is enom ,then you can follow the steps below to get a sub domain for your custom domain.

1.First login to your google apps account using below URL:

Note : Replace "" with your domain name.Look at the example below:

Now you can see a screen look like below one:

 2.Sign in using your username and password.Next screen will look like this:

3.Click on "Sign in to DNS console".

4.Now login to your enom account using your Domain and Password.
 5.Click on the 'Edit' button under the 'Host Records' section.
 6.Click 'Add New'.

7.Add your sub-domain name, for example, 'blog' under the 'Host Name' field.

8.Add under 'Address' field.

9.Select CNAME (Alias) under 'Record Type' field.

10.Now again click 'Add New'.

11.Add '' under the 'Host Name' field.

12.Add under 'Address' field.

13.Select CNAME (Alias) under 'Record Type' field.

Your final work will look like this:

14.Click 'Save'.

You are done with Enom.

15.Login to your blogger dashboard--> settings- ->Publishing

16.Now Click on "Custom Domain".
 18.Now you must enter your domain name as the picture below:

19.Now click on "Save Settings".

20.Again tick "Redirect to" and click on "Save Settings".
21.You are done.
 22.Now repeat steps 15-20 again.You are done

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