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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Disable Automatic Driver Installation in Windows 7 and Vista

Usually when I install new hardware I just let Windows do its little driver dance and do all the installation for me. Windows 7 is especially good at this -just pop in the peripheral in question and it does the rest!

Sometimes, however, it is more preferable to use the manufacturer’s drivers -say, for example, in the case of installing a new video card. The original manufacturer’s drivers are always better than the generic Windows drivers in cases like this.

So let’s stop Windows 7 and Vista from automatically installing devices like these! Click the Start button, and in the Search Box type View advanced system settings. Now hit Enter.
Under the Hardware tab click on Device Installation Settings.

In this window you can choose how Windows reacts to new hardware. Most users will want to keep it on automatic, but if you ever need to install the original equipment manufacturer drivers this is the first step!

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