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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Facebook Changed Something Without Permission

Typically the In The News article brings you the latest tech news from the week, and this week really isn’t an exception, but there was a small shake-up on Facebook that should affect all Facebook users and should be passed along.  The good part is that you can actually do something about it this time.

The change happened in the Contact Info section of a user’s About page.  This is the page that includes your work/education info, birthday, and relationship status as well as your contact information that you’ve provided.  By default, Facebook changed each user’s visible email address to their address (you know, the one you probably don’t use or even knew existed until now).  If you’ve chosen a vanity URL, that becomes your email address.  For example, gives you the email address of  So what if you want to display your previous email address instead, or even no email address at all?  Not displaying any email would give you the most privacy.  Luckily, it’s easy to change.

First navigate to your About page.  The link can be found directly below your profile picture on your profile (assuming you have Timeline now).  On the About page, find the box labeled “Contact Info.”  You’ll want to then click on the “Edit” box to the right, the one with the small pencil on it.  A box will open up and at the top will be your email addresses.  To the far right, you will be able to toggle whether each email is displayed on the page or not.  Open circle will show on your Timeline, and the “no” circle symbol will hide the address.  Make your selections, then click “Save” at the very bottom of the box.  There you go, your email display settings are where you want them, not what Facebook has set.

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