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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Thoughts are precious – they can be groundbreaking ideas that can shape into a successful business, or simple notes to organize things to do. Evernote, OneNote, Any.Do and many more apps are out there to help you organize your thoughts, and all of them boast of feisty features that will help you better manage your notes. Still, for a lot of people a lot of features also means a lot to worry about. If you love simplicity, and if you love Twitter, you are bound to love Fetchnotes, a new app to take notes with ease. Like Twitter, and unlike all the popular note taking apps, this one will blow your mind with the simplicity it offers.

Fire up the app and log into it – the home screens shows the notes in it. Once you are there, swipe to the left and you are taken to a blank screen where you can type as long of a note as you want. No tags to be added, no notebooks to be assigned – just plain and simple notes. Once you are done writing down your note, just swipe right and the note is added to the home screen.

 If you are thinking how you organize all the notes over time, here is a plain and simple way to do it. Hashtags, just like the ones you use on Twitter, can be added to any note to create a list of relevant notes. For instance, you add #todo to all the notes you wish to have a list of things to do, or add #shop to create a list of notes with the shopping items. You can see any specific list of notes based on the tags by looking at the hashtag pane, which can be accessed from the bottom of the smartphone app. Impressed? Wait until you read it all. The app has another thing in common with Twitter – the @ mentions. You can add a note to any friends notebook just by adding a @ mention of his/her name to the note. So next time you wish to remind your roommate to fix the tap, just add a note to his Fetchnotes notebook. The group feature is not yet available though.

This new app is available for almost all the popular platforms that people use today, like of Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux and a even a web interface. There is also an option for adding or fetching notes using not-so-smart phones by calling or texting the service. The app is currently a beta version and more features like integration with Evernote and Google Calendar are expected to be added in the future versions. With so many choices and yet a minimalist user interface, you are never going to miss any thoughts – ever.

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