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Saturday, July 7, 2012

How Much Is Windows 8? Cheaper Than You Think…

Windows announced this past Monday that the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will cost only $40.  This applies to any Windows user running XP or newer.  This is a significant announcement since past upgrades have cost much more than $40.  Upgrading to Windows 7 from an older version cost $120, while upgrading from one version of 7 to the other cost $65.

The $40 upgrade fee is a promotion and will only last until the end of January 2013 once Windows 8 is released, which will be this fall.  The upgrade also requires that users download the Windows 8.  Not wanting to wait around or have a slow connection?  An upgrade version on DVD will be available for $70 during the promotion.  Each option is making it more affordable than past upgrades.

Windows made no mention about the general, non-promotional pricing for Windows 8.

Small Enough For Ya?

Rumors are flying around that Apple is about to do something big — and by big I mean something small.  New rumors and leaks suggest that Apple is looking to develop and create a smaller and less expensive iPad.  The current model has a near 10-inch screen, while the smaller model is said to be 7 or 8 inches.  This move will put it into even more direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the recently announced Google Nexus 7.  Both existing 7-inch tablets sell for $199.

Just like with all Apple rumors, it’s hard to say if we will ever see a smaller iPad.  In fact, the very idea goes against the vision laid out by co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who died last October.  According to Jobs, a smaller iPad would not be sufficient to deliver a full tablet experience.  So now we sit and wait, ready to see if a smaller iPad does in fact become a reality.


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