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Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick iPad App Management

We all know there’s a quick and Easy Way To Delete iPad Apps, but what if you’re looking for something more centralized – like a place to uninstall apps and check space, etc?

Removing Unwanted Apps from the iPad

With more than half a million applications available on the iTunes App Store, it’s tempting — and easy — to fill up your iPad with apps you use once or twice and quickly lose interest in. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to delete unwanted apps and free up space for the killer apps you can’t live without.

Make sure the iPad is turned on and unlocked. On the home screen, or the screen containing the app you want to delete, touch and hold your finger on an app until all the apps onscreen start shaking. You’ll see an “X” in the upper left corner of each app. It will look like this:

Touch the “X” on the application you want to delete. A message will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the app. Tap “Delete” to delete the app from your iPad, or “Cancel” to change your mind. Deleting the app also removes all associated data, such as saved games or documents, from your iPad.

When you’re finished deleting apps, press the “Home” button to return to your home screen and stop the icons from wiggling.


Well, that’s an easy one!

Tap Settings>General>Usage and you’ll get a whole screen devoted to what’s installed on your iPad. 

Simply tap an app for a rundown of how much space it takes up and a quick option to delete the app if you so desire.

All in one place, and super easy!

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