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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Windows 8 Release Date Announced

Windows announced on Monday that Windows 8 will finally land near the end of October.  The new tablet Sruface will also go on sale at that time.  That means we have less than 4 months until Window’s biggest operating system update since Windows 95 was released.

The release date was always said to be in the fall, but up until Monday that was about as specific as the date got.  Windows 8 hitting store shelves will be sure to cause a stir with its new “Metro” interface, which replaces the traditional start menu.  Microsoft’s Surface, their first tablet designed in house, will also be released at the same time.  The 7″ tablet will jump into a market and will compete directly with Google’s recently announced Nexus 7 tablet, as well as the established Kindle Fire.

October looks to be a big time in the tech world, especially with brand new designs and interfaces, as many people believe that is the month Apple will finally release its iPhone 5.
Speaking of Apple…

Looks like Apple is doing the opposite of “going green”.  In fact, the tech giant announced this week that it will be dropping out of EPEAT, an environmental certification program for electronics.  Why are they dropping out?  It’s all in the name of design.  Apple stated that their design direction was no longer consistent with EPEAT requirements, according to EPEAT’s CEO Robert Frisbee.  Many point to the new Retina Displays found in in the new MacBook Pro as being the main culprit.  The laptops are not easily recyclable due to the batteries being glued to the case.  The whole device is difficult to disassemble and recycle.

Dropping from the side of going green may have some serious consequences as well.  Currently U.S. law states that 95% of electronics purchases by federal agencies need to be EPEAT compliant.  This means, at a maximum, only 5% of computers bought by these agencies can be Apple products.  This number does exclude tablets and phones however, so the iPhone and iPad are not affected.

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