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Monday, October 15, 2012

Android Animation Scale Settings

So, you finally acquired a new Android 4.0 phone? If, like me, this is your maiden voyage into smartphone waters, the possibilities that these devices offer can be dazzling and sometimes bewildering. At Worldstart, we’ll attempt to help you (and me) navigate those occasionally perplexing waterways.

In addition to an extensive list of features, these phones are exceptionally fast. However, some simple tweaks make it possible to speed things up even more. One method is to change the animation settings.

To begin, tap the All Apps icon in the Favorites Tray, and slide to Settings.

Or, swipe down from top of the home screen, and tap the Settings icon (displayed below with the date).

In Settings, scroll down to Developer options in the System section.

In the User Interface section of Developer options, there are two animation scales, Window animation scale, and Transition animation scale. To speed up transitions (and your phone’s reaction time), either turn off animations, or reduce the scale. Here, we’ll turn them off.

The default setting for Window animation scale displayed below is 1x. Tap Animation off to disable.

The same steps can be followed to turn off Transition Animation.

To see the full effect of these settings adjustments, try setting both to 10x and move between screens and menus. And, if you’re not as impatient as I am, you may prefer the eye candy offered by the slower animation transitions.

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