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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The All-New Features of Android ICS 4.0.4

Android users get anxious and excited whenever a newer firmware calls itself to attention,  and ICS 4.0.4 version is no exception, either. Before you wait it out and finally install this version, here are some of the features you can make the most of. If you have already installed, make sure you know what you are holding in your hands.

Happy app-ing!

Screen rotation:If you have enabled screen rotation on your phone, the new version makes it seem like a dream by being almost fluidic. There is no lag, as in the previous version. However, you have to be at a certain angle for it to move from portrait to landscape. This is to avoid accidental rotations. Smart.

Multitasking: Just like the screen rotation, multi-tasking is super smooth. You can move from one app to another swiftly without much lag.

Android animation: This is just a hidden animation feature in this version. Just go to Settings/About Phone/Android Version and double or triple tap it. You get the Android robot with a brown belly. Place your finger on his chest until the robot becomes large enough to fill up the screen. And presto, you get several green robots moving from left to right against a blue background. Not of much use, and it would have been cooler if it could have been made a screensaver or something.

Dock gets a folder: Yes, with this version you can also make a folder and place it in the dock that occupies the bottom space of your screen.

Sound options: You get more ringtones like Cuisine, Down hill, Emotive Sensation, Faint, Illuminator and so on. You can set different sounds for notifications and ringtones, too.

Signature phone unlock: Yes, face recognition is passé. Now, you can unlock your phone with your signature – and it’s much easier and safer than any of the other methods that were already available (pattern, swipe, pin, password).

Realtime voice typing: Now your Google keyboard gets even better. The voice typing is much better and faster. It types as you talk, unlike before when it took some time to process before it typed on its own.

Notification access: Now, you can go straight to notifications from the lock screen. Just swipe down from top to bring up the notification window. Now that’s a real shortcut!

Handwriting to Text: Yes, Samsung’s darling feature, the S-Memo, gets a new feature. You can handwrite and get that translated to text by the phone.

Pop-up video player: Just open your video player, play something and hit the rectangular top button on extreme right. And presto, your video becomes quarter the size, so you can multi-task even while keeping the video on one-fourth the screen.

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