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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trouble with the Curve Movie Review

We get it: Clint Eastwood is old. Oh so old. This seems to be the main message of "Trouble with the Curve," which has him doing little besides grumping around and snarling at anyone who is foolish enough to cross his path. It's like he's channeling his "Gran Torino" persona, minus any of the humor or heart.

As Gus Lobel, one of baseball's best scouts, he still does everything by hand and goes to high school games to scope out the talent; the Atlanta Braves are tiring of his antiquated methods. He knows not of this "interweb" thing that people use on the computer. His eyesight is going, though he tries to hide this fact. And he's a lousy father to Mickey (Amy Adams), as heart-to-heart discussions appear to be too modern for his taste. "Give me the damn check!" he barks at an innocent waitress after his daughter storms off.

Still, his offspring joins him on his trip to North Carolina to see first hand a slugger (Joe Massingill) who is the team's leading draft pick. Naturally, this guy has a fatal flaw (hint: it has to do with a curve) and an insufferable personality, but if Gus doesn't choose him, his career could come to a screeching halt. Or something.

"Trouble with the Curve" is boring. Wait, that's not enough emphasis: booorrrring. A slow pace is great when the plot is building up to something, but that never happens here. Gus is crabby and distasteful, and while he may be skilled at his job, he's not good with others or interesting to watch. It's intended to be a road trip movie where father and daughter reconnect, but frankly, she is better off returning to her law firm, father free. Even her relationship with a former pitcher turned scout (Justin Timberlake) feels like a dragged out no-hitter.

New writer Randy Brown and director Robert Lorenz have churned out a patience-trying dud that some will love simply because it's a baseball movie that stars big names. Well, there was a way better one of those last year. With forced sappy moments, tired jokes (really, the Kardashians?) and no pulse, the curve is the least of this movie's troubles.

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