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Friday, October 12, 2012

Setup Classic Menus in Vista and Windows 7

Good ole Microsoft. I know that every operating system that they put out will always have changes (both major and minor), but when it comes to the traditional things, maybe they should leave well enough alone. For instance:

Instead of this:

Vista and Windows 7 has the “old” way of having the menu on top disabled by default, but it does let you enable it temporarily, if you would like.

When you have a folder open, press the Alt key and the menu will appear. Press Alt again and it will disappear.
Temporarily is fine, but here is how to do it so that the menu bar stays there:

First, open one of your Windows folders. I opened the User folder. To access it, go to your Start button and left-click. The Start menu will pop up; go up to the very top of the right pane where your name is (under the picture), and left-click on it.

Your user folder will pop up and the top-left of the folder will look something like this:

To enable the menu bar permanently (or until you want to change it back), left-click on Organize. On the drop-down menu, left-click on Layout. A new menu will pop up.

Okay, last step. Point your Cursor to Menu Bar (it’s at the top of the menu) and left-click to put a check by it.

That’s it! Now every time you open a folder in Windows, the menu bar will be there.

Note: If you decide you want it disabled, just follow the above instructions, only when you get to Menu Bar, left-click on it to remove the check mark.

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