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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Web Page Background in Windows XP

There are times when we need to visit a webpage frequently. Web pages that inform about score updates of a game and stock rates for a company are good examples. To keep up with it all, we need to open the browser every time we wish to take the glance at the updates. In order to negate this repetitive effort, let us see how to view a live web page as your desktop background in Windows XP.

Adding A Webpage URL as Background:

1. Right-click on your Desktop. Click Properties. Doing so, the Display Properties dialog box opens.

2. Go to Desktop Tab. Click the Customize Desktop… button at the bottom of the dialog box.

3. Another dialog box Desktop Items opens. Go to the Web Tab. Press New at the right of the dialog box.

4. In the resulting box, find and enter the URL of the webpage you want to show as your desktop background. Press OK.

5. Now in the Confirmation window, that opens next, press OK.

6. The synchronization process will start right-away. As soon as the download completes, the window will vanish automatically. So just wait for a second.

7. You will see the Desktop Items dialog box (mentioned in step 3) again, with the URL added.
8. Press OK & then Apply in the Display Properties dialog box to set the webpage as your desktop background.

Editing the Behavior of the URL Background :

The URL background can be made to behave as you wish.

1. Lets go back to Step#7 in the previous section. Press Properties button with the newly added URL selected/highlighted.

2. Now you’ll see three tabs which can be used to define the behavior of the active desktop. Each of them are listed below:

Web Document: You can select to view a page offline by selecting the option marked in the image below.

Schedule: Here you can select to sync the webpage either manually or automatically at a specific time that you choose.

If you choose to sync automatically chose the option “Using the following schedule(s)”. Then press the “Add” button, then define the schedule as per your choice.

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