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Friday, October 19, 2012

WS App Review: Atomic Web Browser

Have you ever used the web browser built into your iOS device and wished it had more functionality? Atomic Web not only brings some of the needed desktop web browser capabilities, but also improves on some mobile-specific features.

Since you’re reading this review on the web, I’ll assume you’ve got the basics of web browsing down and have used mobile safari (the built in web browser) in iOS. So what is improved by atomic web browser? Let’s start with tabbed browsing. 

The tabs under the URL bar let you clearly see what web pages you’ve already opened, and you can easily switch between the tabs without seeing the animation in safari every time you want to switch tabs. This lets you easily manage how many websites you currently have open and loaded into memory.

Next we have the true full screen mode, which lets you get rid of the bottom and top bars built into mobile safari to see a web page in full screen. Those extra few pixels really do make a big difference, and still offer transparent buttons to go back, shrink to regular view and switch tabs.

Next we have the quick setting screen, which allows you to to do three things that really make the web browsing experience fantastic.

Enable Private Mode: This lets you turn on a privacy mode, which blocks websites from saving cookies about you in the web browser.

Increase/Decrease Font Size: Who hasn’t gone to a web page on a mobile device and found the font to be too small? You have to pinch/zoom so much just to be able to read the page –  it makes it very inconvenient. This setting lets you change the font size of a site and remember it for later viewing.

Identify Browser As: Ever go to a website on your phone and it looks totally different then the desktop version? Here you can switch what your web browser identifies itself as so you get the full desktop site instead of the mobile website.
What else? Here is just a short list:
  • Passcode Lock
  • Ad Block Filters
  • Unlimited Tabs
  • Save page for offline viewing
  • Long Press to open a link in a new or background tab
  • Editable search engines
  • In page search
  • Share page with Facebook or Twitter
  • Rotation Lock
  • Themes
  • Page Source Viewer
  • URL Suggestion
  • Save image
There is both a lite version and a paid version available in the app store. At 99¢ we believe it’s a fantastic deal and well worth the buck!


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