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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Emergency Fire Response Video Game

It's easy to see why many kids fantasize about being firefighters when they grow up, since firefighters must bravely battle danger and rescue civilians. Emergency Fire Response is a fairly simple fire-fighting simulation that manages to capture much of the thrill, energy, and suspense often associated with the profession.

In Emergency Fire Response, you control the firefighters of Station 615 as they are called to various fires. In effect, the game plays much like a 3D squad-based real-time strategy game. The game has no multiplayer options, but it does have a single-player mode that consists of 10 levels, each with three to four missions. Thanks to some imaginative and interesting design, the missions are interesting, challenging, and strategic.

In each mission, you'll be granted a variety of firefighters and vehicles. A typical team, which usually includes four to 10 members, will consist largely of regular firefighters, who are best at fighting regular flames. However, you'll also get a few specialists like a paramedic, who can help wounded fire victims and other firefighters, or a technical officer, who is adept at using machinery and driving vehicles.

The game's concept itself is unusual, and it's one of the few computer games out there that manages to be enjoyable without any kind of graphic violence. And considering the game's suggested retail price of $20, it's a great value--Emergency Fire Response may be short, but it's sweet while it lasts, and it doesn't overstay its.

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