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Friday, November 16, 2012

Google Cloud Connect Add-in for Microsoft Office

There are tons of desktop apps available for managing Google Docs documents, but recently Google has released an official add-in which integrates Google Docs with Microsoft Office. Named Google Cloud Connect, the Office add-in lets you create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from Microsoft Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 and lets you automatically sync these documents to your online Google Docs account.

Let’s quickly learn how to use Google Cloud Connect with Microsoft office.

Setting Up Google Cloud Connect With Microsoft Office

Go to the Google Cloud connect page and click Download Google Cloud Connect to launch the web installer.

The web installer will download all the necessary files required by Google Cloud connect to integrate the application with Microsoft Office.

When the installation is complete, open Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and you will see a “Cloud connect bar” as shown below: 

Click the Login button and enter your Google account credentials in the following step. You will have to click Grant access in order to provide the necessary permissions.

After clicking Grant access, return to the Microsoft Office window and you will see the following notification at the right top corner:

That’s it, now you are ready to create, share and manage Google Documents directly from Microsoft Office.

When you are done creating the document, spreadsheet or presentation, simply click the Sync button in the Google Cloud connect bar. There are two ways to sync a document:

Automatically sync the document on every autosave

Manually sync using the Sync button.

Depending on your requirements, choose a preferred sync method and you are done with the set up procedure.

Whenever you need to quickly share a document with a friend or colleague, click Sync and then right click the Google Cloud connect bar and choose Copy document link. Next, you can pass on the link to anyone via email, IM, Facebook, Twitter and they will be able to view your document from their browser.

Sharing The Google Docs Document With Selected Contacts

When you want to invite collaborators to your document, click the Share button placed on the right of Google cloud connect bar and enter the email address(s) of your friends or colleagues, with whom you want to share the document. The sharing procedure is exactly the same as Google Docs browser UI.

Invited collaborators can either view your document or edit it, this depends on the editing privileges provided by you while sharing the document. When other editors make edits or add new content to your document, the changes will be reflected back almost instantly. There is no need to download a recent fresh copy of the same document from your Google Docs account, because Google Cloud connect periodically checks for recent revisions and updates the local copy in real time.

Overall, Cloud connect will really come in handy for office workers who have been looking for an app to integrate Google Docs with Microsoft Office. Give this a try!

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