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Friday, November 30, 2012

iDevice Equalizer

I’m a bit of a sound nut, and as such all my auditory enjoyment must be equalized to exacting specifications. I just got a new CD from my favorite band, but the speakers in my car just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to playing back stuff on my iPod/iPad.

Thankfully Apple has a built-in way around this, and thanks to the wonders of touch-screen technology, it’s easier than ever to EQ your tunes!

So, go into your music player and fire up a song – any song will do, but keep in mind that each EQ setting in the next step is built specifically for different kinds of music.

With your music playing, back out to the home screen of your iDevice (use the big button on your iDevice) and click Settings>Music. Now click EQ.

Before you lies a multitude of sound equalization options! 

Like beat poetry? Give the Spoken Word setting a try! That new gangsta rap song too bassy? Give it a cut with the Bass Reducer EQ setting.

And the best part? Because you’re already playing a song, the changes are in real time!
Mess around with it today!

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