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Friday, November 2, 2012

Internet Explorer 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Continuing along with our Internet Explorer 9 Keyboard shortcuts, here are some that use the Alt key!

Alt -  This will show the IE 9 menu bar.
Alt + X -  Opens the tools menu.
Alt + M - Go to your home page
Alt + C -  Manage browsing history
Alt + 9 – Force Internet Explorer rendering mode.
Alt + Home – Opens the Home menu
Alt+Z - Opens the Add to Favorites menu
Alt+ A – Opens the Favorites menu
Alt+ I – Displays all feeds (in feed view)
Alt+ M – Marks a feed as read (in feed view)
Alt+ S – Puts the cursor in search box in feed view
Alt+ C – Opens Favorites Center and displays your favorites
Alt+R – Opens the Print menu
Alt+J – Opens the RSS menu
Alt+O - Opens the tools menu
Alt+S – Opens the Safety menu.
Alt + H – Open the Help menu.

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