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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Merge Duplicate Gmail Contacts

Duplicate contacts are generated several different ways, including–according to some reports–entire contact lists replicating themselves. Often (at least in my case) contacts are duplicated when–rather than updating an existing contact–a new one is added to update phone number, email, or address changes. However it happens, the information below should help.

With Gmail open, click the little arrow to the right of the word Gmail and select Contacts.

In Contacts, click the More button and choose Find & merge duplicates...

In the Merge duplicate contacts dialog box, click Merge.

If multiple phone numbers or email addresses are assigned to a single contact (the numbers in parentheses below indicate that both apply to John Smith), just click the contact and delete outdated or otherwise incorrect information and save. Obviously, updating Mr. Smith’s info will require some effort.

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