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Thursday, November 22, 2012

MS Outlook: 1 Contact With 2 or 3 E-mail Addresses

Many of us have multiple e-mail addresses… one for home (friends and all the “good stuff”), one for work and yet another for when you’re forced to give one to sign up for something but don’t want all the clutter in with the rest.

It then follows that there are times when you add a contact to Outlook and you want to enter several addresses for the same person.

Sounds simple enough…

We’re off to the Contact section of Outlook, New Contact button and we’re faced with this:

The first time I tried to enter two addresses for the same person and realized that I only had one E-mail address field I decided to try doing what we do with messages.

When addressing a message to multiple recipients we separate each one with a semi-colon (;).

Sounded good to me… too bad Outlook didn’t like it.

As I frowned, removed one of the addresses and thought that there was no way I was putting the same person in as two different contacts… lightbulb!

The answer is so obvious that it’s easily overlooked. The E-mail label for the field has a down arrow on the right.

If you click that arrow then you’ll see that Outlook gives you space to enter 3 addresses.

Simply choose a different field (E-mail 2 or 3).

You’ll then have a blank field again where you can enter the next one.
One contact = multiple e-mail addresses.

Easy Peasie!

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