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Friday, November 2, 2012

PasswordCard – Secure Passwords Made Easy

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times: “use a secure password.” Let’s be honest, though – can anyone remember 8gh4LnGpO? What about Hccf9GR2? So what do you do? You write it down or you forget it, right? But if you write it down you’re basically throwing the security out the window, and if you forget it you’re stuck without a way to access your password protected accounts and files.

Your PasswordCard makes all of this a thing of the past. This fantastic website lets you print out a grid with random numbers and letters which you use to make your password. So how is this any more secure then writing your password down? Well you can remember 2nd star right? Go down to the second row, go over to the star and start typing the next 8 characters.

PasswordCard’s website even offers you the ability to generate a random character card (with symbols, if required) or one with rows of numbers for pin codes. You can actually show people this card, leave a copy on your desk at work or by a computer and NO ONE can use it to get your password.

To guess your password they would need to know:
  1. What line to start on.
  2. What symbol to start on.
  3. To go up/down/left right.
  4. How many characters to type.
  5. To skip lines or not.
You can even get creative and do things like skip rows on multiple symbols so you could do the heart and star column but do only rows 1/3/5/7 so your password would be CHKxUgAT. Now what’re the chances of someone guessing that one?

The website even offers you a secure number to recover your password card if lost. Keep your secure number in the safe, and if you ever lose the card reprint it (you can always print 10 copies since no one can decode them).

Don’t keep “ed0657″ written under your keyboard any longer, print your own PasswordCard now by clicking here.

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