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Friday, November 23, 2012

Xbox 720? It’s about time!

Rumors are starting to swirl about Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox 720, and where phrases like “it seems like only yesterday” and “do we really need a next generation console already?” were being doled out like playing cards last time a video console announcement hit the Internet, I think the timing is just right this time around. After all, the Xbox 360 released all the way back in 2005! We’re huggin’ the end of 2012, people! That’s a heck of a cycle!

The 720′s speculative list of features is already drool-worthy, too. A Blu-ray disc drive, touch-screen controllers, quad-core processor architecture, 8GB of RAM..and Kinect 2.0 – with better voice recognition, four-player tracking, and, of course, higher accuracy.

But the part that’s going to make the grand kids go gaga? Future augmented reality integration. That means some day you’ll be able to put on a pair of glasses hooked to your Xbox 720 and a graphical overlay will actually change your surroundings to put you into the game! Next stop, the Matrix!

More info is being doled out every day, but expect the full announcement to come sometime next spring at the big E3 expo in Los Angeles. In the meantime, stay tuned!

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