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Friday, December 21, 2012

iPhone Notifications: How To Silence Alerts

Have you ever been completely embarrassed by a loud, annoying ring or chirp sounding off from your iPhone while in a quiet, public setting? If you answered yes, then I’m sure you have been eager to know how to prevent this from happening again! Thankfully, silencing iPhone alerts and notifications is easier than you may think. And, if you’re like me (attached to your iPhone by the hip), being able to carry your phone with you at all times is absolutely essential.

By default, several e-mail and messaging apps send out noisy alerts.  Aside from creating a disturbance in a silent environment or being just plain annoying, these notifications also utilize some of the iPhone’s battery life every time your device is awakened out of sleep mode. Nevertheless, the easiest way to keep your iPhone quiet is to switch the mute toggle on (this can be found on the top left corner of your iPhone).
There are three different kinds of notifications that you receive on an iPhone: sounds, banner alerts that pop up on the main screen, and badges, which are the little numbers that show up right next to your app icons.  Luckily, modifying these alerts is pretty simple. To make these changes, the first step is to open Settings on your phone. Next, press Notifications, located in the left-side pane, and choose the appropriate app in the Notification Center.

To eliminate alerts all together for that particular app, switch the top toggle titled “Notification Center” to Off.  Another option is to modify the number of banner alerts that display on the screen, switching from the default amount (5) to 1, 10, or even 20. Below that is a section called “Alert Style,” offering three different choices: None, Banners, and Alerts. The banners option will display alerts at the top of your screen, which will automatically go away after a few seconds. The final option, Alerts, prompts the user for action before proceeding.  Lastly, the three final options located in the Notification Center allow the user to display or hide badge app icons, permit or restrict audible alerts, and display or hide alerts that pop up on the lock screen.

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