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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mobile Printing: How It Works

In the new age of technology, we exchange and receive more and more important documents using mobile devices. As a result, we frequently find that it is essential to have printing capabilities enabled via our smartphones, laptops, and even tablets. Take the following scenarios into consideration: You’re traveling on business, and you receive an important PowerPoint presentation that you need to print right away. Or, you’re away from the office and suddenly receive a detailed spreadsheet recapping the day’s events, but you are struggling to make sense of the miniscule type on your phone.

Thanks to mobile printing, these kinds of concerns are no longer an issue. Nowadays, printers equipped with wireless capabilities or web connectivity feature extended reaches, expanding beyond specified workgroups or limited users. Furthermore, major tech companies such as Google, HP and Apple are making strides in offering solutions for users who need to locate a place to print when on-the-go. They are even implementing strategies for extending mobile printing compatibility to older printer models.

Preparing to Print

The first step to take when preparing for mobile printing is to pair up your device with the selected printer. Setting this up at home or your office is simple, since the printers are known and easily accessible. When you need to send a document to an unfamiliar printer, this can easily be accomplished by going online, reviewing the printer feature sheet, and verifying that there are solutions available which support your device. In this case, additional resources to use include Google Play or the iOS App Store, which can be helpful for finding a mobile app to use that’s developed by the same company which manufactured the printer.

Making Your Printer Mobile-Ready

As mentioned earlier, setting up a home or office printer for mobile printing is pretty simple. Basically, if the printer is connected to the wireless network, you can easily send print jobs to it, either directly or from a nearby location. Not in the vicinity of the network? No problem, because there is also an e-mail based app allowing you to send documents to the printer remotely, as long as it is connected to the internet. When you’re on-the-go, handy apps such as Printer Finder for the iPhone can help you find readily accessible printers.

Ensuring Secure and Reliable Printing

Last but not least, it’s important to be mindful of protecting all information transmitted via mobile printing. Make sure that you will be close by when sending over a print job to avoid unwanted people from accessing your documents. Additionally, avoid the potential of hackers or unauthorized users obtaining access to web-connected printers by setting up passcodes. This will ensure that your print job will be held until you are physically at the printer and are able to input that code.

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