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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Windows 8 Updates: Apps Not Included

If you’ve been using Windows for a while, you know that Windows Update is the place to go to update your windows software. Previously, I covered the importance of checking Windows Update for windows 8 users frequently the first few months. Thanks to one of our users, Ron, who commented on that story, I was prompted to investigate the statement he made: that pre-installed Microsoft Apps will not be updated in Windows Update, but rather, only in the Store interface.

Low and behold, Ron was spot on: Apps pre-installed as part of Windows 8 will not show up in Windows Update. Now, this may sound like an obvious statement, as many third party programs are not in Windows Update for previous versions of windows. The odd part is, Microsoft applications installed in Windows 8, such as Mail, Camera, Photos and other built-in features of Windows 8, were considered parts of the operating system before and not stand-alone applications that needed separate downloads.

So how do you update these programs? The good news is it’s pretty easy. From the windows 8 interface, select Store (you can also click the windows button/start button on your keyboard and type store to find the store). In the upper right hand corner, you should see Updates (XX) if there are updates available. The number between the parentheses will tell you how many updates are available.

Once the app update interface opens, you’ll see a list of apps with updates. You can click on the apps to check/uncheck apps you want to update.  Once you’re done selecting apps to update, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and click the install icon.

Once you click install, you’ll be presented with progress bars for each app, and once it’s done updating, the app will disappear from the list.

I hope that Windows Update is changed in the future to mimic the “Apple way” of doing updates, where all system and program updates are under a single interface where you can easily select updates from. If someone from Microsoft is reading this, it would make a great feature of Service Pack 1 of Windows 8.

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