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Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Key Features You Need To Know About On Your Mac

Apple has spent a lot of time trying to simplify their operating system so almost anyone can use it, which has lead to them being able to put in some cool features – although the only problem is that most people don’t know how to use them or how to get to them.

So in this article I’m just going to uncover 5 features that you should definitely know about when using a Mac.


The dock is what the Apple operating system is famous for; everybody recognizes it. It is the “thing” that holds your apps at the bottom of your screen.

When you minimize a window, it will go down into the dock, waiting to be maximized again when you want to use it.

The far right holds your recycle bin, which cannot be moved, and the far left holds the finder window, which (again) cannot be moved. All the other icons are movable and can be replaced with ones that you may use more often.

If you want to get rid of an icon, simply click and hold the icon and drag it off the doc. Similarly, if you want to add something to it simply click-and-drag the icon onto the dock.


Spotlight is a fantastic search feature that Apple built into the OS. You can use it to search for anything you want from files, songs, browser history and even definitions of a word from the built-in dictionary.

You can access Spotlight with the magnifying glass in the top right had corner – just click on it and begin your search. It’s great if you forget where you saved a file.

System Preferences

If you’re new to Mac, system preferences is the Mac equivalent to the Windows control panel. Here you can configure absolutely everything you need, from language settings, mouse and trackpad settings to customizing your desktop or even adding a printer.

The way you access it is through the Apple icon in the upper-left corner and then selecting system preferences.

Once you are there you can go ahead and configure the settings on your Mac to your liking.

App Store

Since the App Store on the iPhone was so successful, Apple decided to introduce the same principal to the Mac. It works on a similar principal to the iPhone, which means you can look for the app that you think will help you or will do the tasks that you need it to, with descriptions and everything. With one click you can download and install it onto your computer.

There are thousands of Apps to choose from, and it is fast becoming the go-to place for all Mac applications. 

How to get to the App Store: The should be a round “A” icon in your doc. Select it and you will have the App Store window load. It’s that easy!

The App Store looks something like this:


Launchpad is the icon in the dock with the rocket on it, simply click it and you will be shown all your Apps that you have installed on your Mac. It works much like the iPad, allowing you to launch an application quickly and easily.

Any application you install using the App Store will appear in launchpad.

Which looks looks like this:

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