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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Autofit a Column Using Selected Cells in OpenOffice Calc

The Autofit feature in Calc and other spreadsheet programs is an extremely helpful feature.

You can simply double-click on the right divider line in the column title, and the column will automatically expand to fit the longest piece of data.

But what if you don’t want to fit the longest piece of data but, instead want to use Autofit to make the column the width of a smaller piece of data?

Is it even possible?


Start by selecting several cells that contain the width to which you want to Autofit the column.
Now double-click the right divider line.

Voila! elieve it or not, it is possible and it’s not anymore complicated than using the longest piece of data.
The column width is reset but only to match the data you selected.

However, when I tried this with a single cell selected, the column was Autofit to the longest piece of data in the column.

To get around that, I selected the cell with the shorter data and a blank cell.

That did the trick…

Who knew that Autofit could be so versatile?

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