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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deleting Gmail Contacts

As online acquaintances come and go, your digital address book may need to be updated from time to time. If you’ve got that “special” someone you’d rather not hear from again, or just need to clean up old contacts that aren’t in use anymore, the Gmail service lets you remove unwanted entries from your address book.

Gmail’s interface has recently been revamped and streamlined, so the location of various options such as deleting saved contacts have been moved around. After logging into your Gmail account, click the large red “Gmail” button at the upper-left side of the screen, just below the “Google” icon. Select the “Contacts” entry in the list of options. Depending on how you have your account setup or what options you were previously using, the “Gmail” button may instead read “Tasks” or “Contacts.”

Each of your contact lists are located directly below the red “New Contact” button at the left side of the window. Click the name of the specific contact list you want to access, such as “My Contacts.”

Find the name of the contact you want to remove in the listing at the center of the window. Click the check box to the left of each contact you need to delete.

If you instead want to delete every contact in the currently selected list, click the box icon at the top of the list of names and select the “All” option.

To delete the selected contacts, open the “More” box above the list of contacts and click the “Delete Contact” button.

Anytime you delete a contact, Gmail provides an option to immediately undo the change just in case you selected the wrong option or deleted too many contacts. If you want to restore the contacts you deleted, click the “Undo” button that appears at the top of the screen immediately after choosing “Delete Contact.”

In the event you later change your mind or discover you still need a specific contact that was previously deleted, it is possible to restore removed entries later on down the line. Open the “More” box again and scroll down to the “Restore Contacts” option.

Click the radio button for the timeframe you want to use to restore your contacts, such as “10 minutes ago” or “1 Week Ago.” If you want to go back even further, click the “Custom” button and type in the number of days to go back. Click the blue “Restore” button to restore any contacts deleted after the selected timeframe.

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