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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fonts in Hotmail – Windows Live

In the web-based version of Hotmail? No.

However, the best way to achieve this is not to use Hotmail in a web browser, but instead to download a program that will access your emails for you.  This will eliminate the need to log in, open a browser and wait for it to load – plus it will give you all of the font choices that you might expect in Microsoft Word as well as a whole host of other advantages.

The program that might be the easiest to set up with Hotmail is Windows Live. Simply click this link and then click “Download Now”. 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the program, simply go to your mail inbox, click Accounts and then click Email.  Type in your Hotmail account details and presto, you have now increased the power of your emailing abilities tenfold!

You may notice that the layout is similar to other Microsoft Office programs. Simply click “email message” at the top left, and then select your font in the drop down menu (this will become available to select once you have clicked the main body of the email.)

You’ll also find it much easier to add photos to a message – simply drag and drop the pictures that you want into the blank area of the message. You can resize the picture by pulling on the little white boxes that surround it.

You’ll also get prompted when you receive a new message, as opposed to having to check the Hotmail web page.

You can also mark all unread emails as read, just by right clicking “unread emails” on the left and clicking “mark all as read”. I find this extremely useful, as I tend not to check my Hotmail account as much as I should!

We hope this article has helped you out.

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