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Friday, January 4, 2013

MS Word: Location and Text Wrapping in One Setting

It’s not uncommon for us to find ourselves dragging a picture or drawing object around a document to place it where we need it, and then to turn around, go back to the Ribbon to set the word wrapping.

Let’s face it, sometimes it feels like a good 10 minutes before we’re done tinkering with these basic things, after inserting a picture or drawing object.

If you start throwing in the whole size, shape, recoloring and other settings, you’re now looking at pretty good time investment.

Understand that I think that the time is well spent when the final document is revealed, and it really shines when compared to the “plain Jane” thing that it could have been.
However, it seems to me that if I can find a shortcut or two to speed up the process, without reducing the quality of the effects usually applied, I’m thinking that it’s a good idea and worth exploring.

Today, what I’d like to show you is the Position button found on the Format tab that becomes accessible whenever you have a picture, shape, SmartArt, Clip Art or chart selected in Word.

This little gem will do two things at once… change the Word Wrapping setting from “In line with text” to square and at the same time place the object within the document at the chosen location.
As you can see, the location choices are limited and yet exacting.
  • You’ll be given choices to place it in the upper left, center or right of the page.
  • There’s the center of the page vertically to the left margin, right margin or smack-dab in the center of the document.
  • To round your choices out, you’ve got the bottom of the document on the very left, right or center of the document.
These aren’t the only places your object could be located, but maybe one of these locations is perfect for what you need. Plus, using the Position button can really save you some time.
Wrapping and placement both set with one choice – I’m not able to speak for you, but I’d say that this one can definitely be of use in my work day!

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