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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Napoleon Da Legend – My Life Lyrics

Napoleon Da Legend – My Life Lyrics

Another Day Another Struggle
Can I Live???
Another Day Another Struggle
Can I Live???
Another Day Another Struggle
Can I Live???
My Life My Life My Life

 The Legend/ Was Effervescent 
Ever Since My Days Of Adolescence
I Had To Learn To Add 
And Learn My Lessons

On How To Burn Sessions/ Burning Herb For 
Me Was Out The Question
Had To Change/ The Old Me Died And 
I Turned A Legend
Burned Beats Without Question/ 

The Earth Turned And 
I Learned My Essence
The Answer Without The Question/ Thats Me
You Got A Question Ask Me/ Hard For Me To 

Trust A Woman So Dont Ask Me
Why I Question Ashley/ Its The 
Just The Way I Live No Question
Happy On My Quest To Go To 
Heaven/ The Flow I Got It 24-7

Dropping The 411 Never Plead The Fifth Amendment
I Talk It Often-Targeted Cause Of My 6 Senses
Bout To Reveal A 7th/ Iller With Killer Method
Dirty Gorilla Take The The Truth Reveal It In A Sentence

Less Than A Millisecond/ Get Cash/ A Mil A Second
Give It Back To The Poor/ And Then I Chill A Second
And Spit An Ill One To Kill A Second
Most People Need To See A 
Video Before They Feel A Record

When I Spitted I Feel A Rush/ 
Like An Ill Erection
So Then I Gotta Bust/ 
You Feel It When I Cum Records

Spit Big/ Like A Live It/ 
People Think Im 6-7
Chicks Like To Stick They 
Head Inside My Mid-Section

Take Risks/
 Make Big Investments/ 
While You Browsing In The Liquor Section
Ill Be Sitting On An Island/ 

Sipping On An Island
You Know My Style And/ 1000 
Island Dressing On My Salad
Smiling. Just Enjoying Life

 Lifes Too Short To Waste It/ Ive Been Tested/ 
Many Situations
Tested My Tempter Was Tempted 
To Make A Deal With Satan

Had To Deal With Stress And/ 
Family Pressure Made It
Hard For Me To Focus/ 
Drop Bars And Reloaded

Just Like A Shotty Pump/ Dreaming Of 
Interviews With Connie Chung
Make It Spin And Hotties In The Party Jump/ But/ 
That Ain't The Issue Here
Im Trying To Make Moves For The Fiscal Year

Lace It/ So You Can See It Crystal Clear/ 
No Glare/ No Reflection
No Way/ Have No Fear/ No Deceptions In Here/ 
You Know The Legend

Yes/ Im Repping In Here/ 
Plus We Illustrated
Peeps Are Still Debating Whether Or 
Not Hell Be The Greatest

Betting Anticipating/ 
For His Next Release
So They Can All See Which 
MC Is Next To Be Deceased

Life Is Full Of Surprise/ 
Whats Next For Me To See
I Cherish Every Breath/ 
Its Ecstasy For Me To Be...
Just Me

Its Like/ I Keep Repeated It/ 
But Yall Dont Seem To Understand Me
This Ain't A Game To Me/ Its Life/ 
I Need To Feed My Family
And Leave A Legacy Behind For The Seeds/ 
So They Can Grow And See

Theres More Than Life 
Than Counting You Dough
Its Like A Fountain When I Flow/ 
I Can't Stop It/ Its Like A Freight Train
Stop It/ You Playing Games/ 

We Hopping Planes And Going
Places To See The World/ Spread The Word
Use This Time To Blow A Kiss To 
My Moms/ Place To Girl Ahead Of Her

This Music Sounding Like 
The Illest Shit I Ever Heard
Some People Told Me That This 
Music Shit Will Never Work
I Never Listen Though/ Yo/ 

I Guess I Never Learn
I Know Theres A Fire Burning Inside 
That Will Forever Burn
And Im A Let It Burn/ Shine 

My Light/ Thats My Life Yep
I Live It Like Theres No Tomorrow/ 
Some Try It But They Can't Follow
They Just Dont Got It In Em/ Acting Funny 

Rejecting Whatevers Godly In Em
All Alone Nobody With Em
Totally Forgot That The Day He Died 
He Couldn't Take His Body With Em

Its All About The Spirit 
The Realness Without A Gimmick
Peep The Story Of My 
Life And How I Live It... Its Vivid

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