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Friday, January 11, 2013

Screen protectors. Which one to choose?

If you thought there is only one kind of screen protector available for your phones and tablets, you are mistaken. There are many varieties, and some are limited to the brands that manufacture them. Without going into any one brand, here is a generic list of screen protectors available in the market. 

The normal screen protector
This is widely prevalent and comes dirt-cheap. This is the screen protector you’ve been buying since mobile phones began more than a decade ago. However, this is not as good as the other options available in the market. To begin with, it does not protect your phone screen from UV rays. Worse, the screen becomes dull and sometimes not-too-responsive if you have a touchscreen phone.

The HD screen protector
This one enhances color and provides a sharper view with virtually no loss in clarity. In fact, some companies offer screen protectors that are so clear and smooth that you won’t be able to make out that there is a screen protector on the phone screen. And yes, it protects the screen from the all-pervasive UV rays. Only, it leaves fingerprints all over, but you can view them only at a certain angle. Overall, the viewing by itself is definitely much better than a matte screen.

The anti-glare Matte screen protector
This type is actually the best if you don’t want your screen scratched. While the others do protect your screen, they are not as good as this one. For one, the matte screen is a wee bit thicker and fingerprint resistant – you will never have oil smudges on the screen. The downside of matte is that it dulls the screen. The contrast and colors don’t pop out like the HD screen. Since it’s not as transparent, there is a definite loss in clarity, too. However, this is perfect for touchscreen phones because of its anti-glare and fingerprint coating.

Mirror screen protector
This not only protects your screen from scratches, but also doubles up as a mirror. Yes, this is perfect for those who like to have a mirror on the go. Protection and vanity – it is that simple.

Privacy screen protector
These are good for not only phones, but also laptops and desktops where privacy is important. Even while protecting your screen from scratches, the screen appears black if you are standing at the periphery. This works when you don’t want others to look at your screen while you are working away. Popular with BlackBerry users. 

And finally…
While some argue that the latest smartphones have scratch-resistant screens, the truth is that they are still glass, which is vulnerable to cuts and scratches. While the screen protectors might not really help if your screen gets cracked when it falls at a certain angle, they might help when they drop flat on the ground or merely scrape the surface. Those who own costly phones should get this additional layer of protection. After all, who wants to carry a phone with a wide scratch right in the middle?

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