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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skyzoo – Phone Calls Lyrics

Skyzoo – Phone Calls Lyrics

First Shot Like,
Oh, On The Winners Road, 
But How The Winners Go,
My Life Is A Three Piece Free Dinner Roll
I’m Right In The City Sins With The Middle Song

And Rifely Be A..Or A Bit Of Stone,
The..And My Neighbors Feeling The Same,
I’m Looking For..And 
They’re Waiting To Get A Trade,

Hoping It’s 80-20, 
It’s A Probably 40-60
They Could Picture The World 
When It’s Up ’Cause All Whiskey,

’Cause I’m In The Same Vision 
They Blinding Up The Letter
So If Diamonds It’s Forever, 
Then Why Not Just Chase Prison

The Hoodie Black And 
The Brams Is Great Prison
The Goal Is The Leave But 
Your Heart Ain’t Great Rhythm

I’m Dating All The Bros, 
They Hammer But Their..
The Money They’re Payin’ And 
The Bottles That’s In My Crib,

And Cover The State When I’m With You, 
But I’ll Just Be On My Shit,
Dying For The Moment An Die Enough To Live,

For The Record Is True, And The True Is This
These Dues I Grew Up Is The Dues Is Doing Pit So,
With No Big Brother Stretching His Arms
With The God My Coast Sign With A Petal..

I Mean 13 Round And Round 
On The Step Looking For A..
Only Silence Was Left, 
The Verse Was To The Heart

And Working In The Song, 
Have Me Jumping To A Trumpet
Full Of Circle All Along And When 
Them Hearts Blow They Play With The Vibe B

If Motherf*Ckers Wait She’ll 
Be Waiting To Find Reach, I Mean
They Say My Mama 
Got Cancer On Her Breast

And My Pops Got Cancer In His Neck
It Turned Out Mother Ain’t Straight, 
But My Pops Is Blessed
So He’s Got A Cancer In His Round Rest,

I Pray To God The Money 
I’m Chasing Is At Least Worth The Journey
And The Ones Who Lose Lanes, 
The Ones Who Were’ Trying .. Me

’Cause Good Hang And 
I Had Em..New Jersey
Like Son Ain’t Good It’s 
A Shame To Hang Up Early

Early To The Morning And 
Missing Them Phone Call
I Hope When I Call Back And 
Get Em My Own Bar

Ivy League Mine Full Of 
Products And Thoughts,
When He Was Father To Me, 
I Was Father To Ya’ll
One Time, One Time

One Time For The Phone Call
Hoping When I Call Back That I Don’t Ball.
One Time For The Phone Call
Hoping When I Call Back That I Don’t Ball.
One Time For The Phone Call
Hoping When I Call Back That I Don’t Ball

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