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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Steve Earle - Calico County Lyrics

Steve Earle - Calico County Lyrics

Have A Case Of Cold Pill
Soaking In A Milk Tub
Hydrochloric Acid, I Find …
Careful Not To Get Any On 

You When You Shave It Up
Pass Away With Cook 
It Up In Calico County
Calico County

Born In A Double White
Hide Behind The Counter
Momma Never Told Me Why 
Daddy Didn’t Live With Us

Only Teacher I Had Is 
Climbing On A ṗrison Bus
… On His Back Seat,
Calico County
Calico County

My Little Brother Bubba
Stole A Coca Cola Truck
Drove It To The Cemetery, 
Bubba Doesn’t Give A F**K

Thirteen Tombstones … On The Bus
Ain’t That Much Money,
Calico County
Calico County

Outta Here Someday,
Ain’t That What I Used To Say?
… Isn’t Gonna Have To Stay
Friday Night, Don’t Fight
Soaking On A Miff Top

Till I Live Or Down Or Die
Calico County,
Calico County
Calico County

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