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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amelia Lily - Party Over Lyrics

Tell Me Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah
Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah

It’s Not Enough, Tell Me Is 
The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah
Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah

So It’s Over, Wishing 
The Stars Wont Fade Tonight
Hold Me Closer, Tomorrow’s 
Another Day To Find

I Said It Once, And Ill Say It Again
Oh You Know, You Know
I Got A Feeling That This Is The End
Oh Nooo

Tell Me Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah
Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah
Tell Me Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah
Is The Party Over, Over Over, Yeah
Are We Getting Colder, Colder, Yeah

Travis Garland - Blue Electric Roses Lyrics

Girl Just One Look In Your 
Somewhat Blue Eyes
That’s All It Took, For Me
You Got Me Shook,

Please Don’t Take This 
The Wrong Way But You Should F**k With Me
And I Just Want You Closer,
Every Single Time You Be Looking 

At Me That Way
And I Just Can’t Get Over,
It’s Written In The Clouds, 
And On Your Face

Then My Sky Falls The Moment 
That I Saw You Standing There
When Time Froze, A Color In A Field Of Gray
Your Beauty Hangs Alone,

Asher Roth - Turnip The Beet Lyrics

Gimmie Boom Bap Original Rap
Boom Bap, Boom Bap
Gimmie Boom Bap Original Rap
Fresh When You Hear It Hard Rapper’s All That

What’s Happening Rap?
Dag Nabbit It’s Half Assin
It’s Bad Habbit It Bad Babbling 
And Gag Gaggin’ Em

Back Packin’ It
Rap Battlin’ Bags Packed 
And Sent Back To 
The Back Alley And Dragged Out

But Don’t Back Down Or Back Out
We Back Now
Manny Pacqiao Knock The Pretty Swag Out
It’s The Last Pow

Alex Mica - Lady Lyrics

Lady I’m Into You
And Now I’m About To Do
The Things I Was Waiting For
Let’s Make Love On The Floor

Lady I’m Into You
And Now I’m About To Do
The Things I Was Waiting For
Let’s Make Love On The Floor

I Like The Way That You Wind
Give It To Me Baby When 
I Pay You In Dimes
Come Here, I Want You To Feel

My Body’s So Close, Let’s Make It Real, Real
What Sex If You Don’t Strip
Loud Momma, Cause You Are My Dream
Don’t Stop, Show Me Your Best

Jessica Mauboy - Something's Got a Hold On Me Lyrics

Ooh, Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling
I Get A Feeling That I Never, 
Never, Never, Never Had Before
My Heart Feels Heavy, My Feet Feel Light

I Shake All Over, 
But I Feel Alright
It Sure Feel Strange, 
But It Sure Feels Good

I Never, Never Felt Like This Before
Something’s Got A Hold On Me,
Something’s Got A Hold On Me,
Something’s Got A Hold On Me,

And It Won’t Let Go
I Said Oh, Oh
Something’s Got A Hold On Me,
Oh, Oh

Tank - Almost Done Lyrics

I’ve Been Close Since We Started
I’m Just Barely Holding On
Been A While Finally Got It
At Me Almost Gone

Worst When I Look At You So 
I Close My Eyes
Trying To Stay On Cruise 
Control Between Your Thighs

It’s Slipping Away From Me, Whoa
And I’m Begging My Body To Hold On, Please
I Wish It Wasn’t Over
I Wanna Keep Making Love

I Don’t Wanna Give This Feeling Up
This So Good
I Wish It Wasn’t Over
I’m Just Always Wanna Be Close

Tech N9ne ft. Slam & Freeze - Illa Lyrics

Hood The Boss, I’m The Microphone Master
Blasted, I Put My Burble And 
Stay Higher Than Nasa
Ray J Beat Again And We Gonn Rep It

You Gonn Step It, 
Get Checked To The Dome
Weapon Is Dissected, 
The Whole Section Of Foes

Regime, Reign Supreme, Street Reign
Ghetto Beats, Stay Blazing, Hella Green
Vision Haze, But Focus And 
I Watch The Ends Holla

Slammer With The Styler, 
Freeze Will Take Your Main Bitch
And Tappy With Them Cars Up
We Them Dope Getters, 

Consequence ft. Rell - Little Precious Cargo Lyrics

On August 17th, 2011 Jen And 
I Received This Special Delivery
That Changed Our Whole World!
I’ll Never Let Nobody Near 

You Who Will Bring You Sorrow
Everyone One Knows You’re My Little Precious Cargo!
My, My Baby Boy My Little Precious Cargo
My, My Baby Boy My Reason For Tomorrow

My Little Precious Cargo,
You’re My Little Precious Cargo!
You Are My Lil Gift From God 
When The World Diced Me

Lil Twist - Contact Lyrics

You Gotta Understand Something 
About My Squad, Yeah
We Got A Lot Of People That Make Hits
We Got A Lot Of People That Get…

We Got A Lot Of People That Make Money
So At The End Of The Day 
You Can Say What You Want To About Us
But At The Top Is Just Us!

Time And Time Again 
I Gotta Turn Back Round And Living The Life
I’m Living The Life On A High Note
Miss Merry Jane, Miss Keisha…

Buddy ft. Asher Roth - Aw Nah Lyrics

Girl You Can’t Tie Me Down
Look At Me, Look At Me
Jeans Hang Low So He Tack Me
No Haircut While He Nap Me

And History Are In That Bleed
I See So He Must Be Happy
I Got Yba On My D
I Be Like Uh Make It Snappy

In The Back Of The Caddie
Anihilate The Punami
She Asked Me How Do I Like It
O Told Her Uh Not Too Shabby

When She Grind Her Bagina,
She Be Grinding And Broasting
And While I Grind Up This Ganja
Mama Be Poppin A Potion

Dash D Cadet ft. D Realz - Bitch I Got Base Lyrics

Bitch, I Got Base
Put It In Your Face
Tell Me What You See
I’m A Little Two Cents In An Unfit World

F**k With ‘Em, I’m Fit Dog
On My Mind Made Up, Stay Up
Many Niggas ‘Bout To Blaze Up
Coming From The City Where 

They Throw Their Trays Up
East Side, West Coast Nigga, What It Is
I’mma Die If I Don’t See The End Of This
I’m Going Crazy In A Room Full Of Ladies

Kid Vishis ft. Royce Da 5'9″ - Straight Out Of Detroit Lyrics

Straight Out Of Detroit, 
A Crazy Motherfucker Named Vishis
Aiming For The Richest Though 
I Come From The Trenches

Son Of A Killer, 
Get Mad Poison From The Thriller
Bullets Missed You, It’s Cool
Cause It’ll Still Hit You Nigga

I’m Back, A Black Mong Ranger, 
Define Force
On My High Horse, Riding Round Looking For Danger
Detroit Mangle, I See Royce Famous So I’m Hungry

Pries - Heads Up Lyrics

Uh, You May Think You Know
You Have No Clue, Where She Knock 
It Out My Door
For Sure, For Sure, Gotta Get It, Gotta Go,

Haters Get The Slim, 
How The Fam Got My Foe,
Heads Up And Don’t You 
Ever Let Em Come Out Now

And Don’t You Ever Let Em Come Out Now
And Don’t You Ever Let Em Come Out Now
And Don’t You Ever Let Em Come Out Now
I’m Walking Round My City Like 

I Know I’m The Shit
But My City Put Me On So Every Day Is Ego Trips,
First Class, Back It Babe, 
They Told Me Like Could Be Your Bitch

AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies Lyrics

Hold On Now I’m Choking
Give Me A Second To Collect Myself
You Must Be Joking, 
Otherwise I’m Laughing To Myself

Why You Here Again,
Hold On A Minute, 
Let Me Check This Out
Your Invitation’s A Fake, 

Must From A Take It Out
I Hear You Out, Hear Me Out
I Hear You Shout, I’m Now Stepping Out
I Hear You Out, Hear Me Out

I Hear You Shout, 
I’m Now Stepping Out
Let Away Fairy Tales And,
 Little White Lies

Iron & Wine - Grace for Saints and Ramblers Lyrics

But It All Came Down To You And I
But It All Came Down To You And I
There Were Banged Up Hens 
Stealing First Base

Underneath The Tables So 
We Never Sang Grace
Falling Out Of Bed For The Workday Week

There Was Kissing In The Cracks Of 
The Flash Flood Streets
There Were Button Blossoms 
And Merry Johnny Rottens

Chewed Up And Swallowed By 
The Profit They Were Trying To Follow
Bit Too Green And We Paid No Tax On 
Our Quick Romantic Cul De Sac

Inna - Party Never Ends Lyrics

I Found A Special Place, 
Where Everything Feels Right
No Negativity, Everything’s Allright
I Feel Tonight’s The Night,
I’m Here With All My Friends
The Party Never Stops, 
Party Never Stops And Never Ends
Hey, Oh, Just Run Away And Keep On Going,

Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop
Hey Oh, The Energy Keeps You From Falling,
Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop
I Found A Special Place, 

Where Everything Feels Right
No Negativity, Everything’s Allright
I Feel Tonight’s The Night, 
I’m Here With All My Friends

Michael Buble - It's A Beautiful Day Lyrics

I Don’t Know Why
You Think That You Could Hold Me
When You Can’t Get By By Yourself
And I Don’t Know Who

Would Ever Want To Tear 
The Seam Of Someone’s Dream
Baby, It’s Fine, You Said That 
We Should Just Be Friends

While I Came Up With 
That Line And I’m Sure
That It’s For The Best
If You Ever Change Your Mind, 

Don’t Hold Your Breath
‘Cause You May Not Believe
That Baby, I’m Relieved
When You Said Goodbye, 

Dina Garipova - What If Lyrics

What If I Could Change The Path Of Time
What If I Had The Power To Decide
What If I Could Make Us Unify

If I
If I
What If We Would Open Up The Doors
What If We Could Help Each Other More

What If I Could Make You All Believe
If We
If We
What If We All

Opened Our Arms
What If We
Came Together As One
What If We Aimed

Outlandish - A Mind Full Of Whispers Lyrics

A Mind Full Of Whispers

My Heart Full Of Scripture
Music Is My Frame
And Words Play The Picture

Let It Be
Let It Breath
Let It Go
Let It Free

I Used A Snare At A Basket
So Formalities Are Painted
Still My Voice Is Seeing Vague In
I Don’t Know If We Don’t Make It

Let It Breath
Let It Be
Let It Go
Let It Free

Faith Evans - Love & Devotion Lyrics

All I Ever Wanted Was Your 
Love And Devotion
I Wasn’t Looking For 
My Heart To Be Broken

You Know I Ain’t Waiting Around
Bet You Wish You Wouldn’t 
Love Me Now, Now
I Can Reminisce All 

The Years That We’ve Shared
I Could Be Wishing That You Were Still Here
Baby I’ve Been There, Already Did That
But I Ain’t Tryina Look Back, No, No

All I Ever Wanted Was Your Love And Devotion
I Wasn’t Looking For My Heart To Be Broken
You Know I Ain’t Waiting Around
Bet You Wish You Wouldn’t Love Me Now, Now

N.O.R.E. - Fowl Niggaz Lyrics

Niggas’ll Steal From You, 
Help You Look For It Fowl Niggas
Niggas That’ll Always Make 
Bad Decisions Fowl Niggas

Niggas That’ll F**k 
Your Hoe While You’re In Prison Fowl Niggas
Niggas That’ll Steal From 
Their Own Mothers Fowl Niggas

Niggas That’ll Snitch On 
Their Own Brother Fowl Niggas
Niggas That’ll Tell Your Girl That 
You Cheating Fowl Niggas

And Get With Her, 
So They Can Start Beating Fowl Niggas
Fuckin’ Bithces Raw When 
You Got Diseases Fowl Niggas

Pitbull - Welcome To Dade County Lyrics

Mr. Worldwide – I’m Self-Made, 
I’m Self-Paid
I Grew Up With No Daddy, 
I’m From Miami Dade

I’m Self-Made, 
I’m Self-Paid
I Grew Up With No Daddy, 
I’m From Miami Dade

Mouth Signed Check, Ass Can’t Cash
One-Time Lebron Boss, D-Wade Flash
Can’t Forget That Boy UD, Udonis Has
I’m From Miami Dade Country, 

Born And Raised There
Mouth Full Of Gold And Diamonds, 
But Talk Is Cheap
There’s Rules And Codes, 

Dirty Projectors - There's a Fire Lyrics

If You Have Paused In The Foil
Before Going To Join The … Year
If You Were … And Hesitating
Asking Yourself What’s The Deal

And If A Force Is Telling You The Truth
You Should Probably Know Just What To Do
I’m Telling You Right Now There’s A Fire
If You’ve Been Looking For Reasons Deep In The Creases Are Folded Up Close

If You’ve Been Chasing All Shaṗeless Papers,
Rubbing On Statues, Singing Blues
And If At All, Is That Enough To Know
On Your Right, Who’s Bidding Have We Done?
I’m Telling You Right Now There’s A Fire

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight) Lyrics

Stars Are Never Sleeping

Dead Ones And The Living
We Live Closer To The Earth
Never To The Heavens

The Stars Are Never Far Away
Stars Are Out Tonight
They Watch Us From Behind Their Shades
***, Jack And Kate And Brad

From Hehind Their Tinted Window Stretch
Gleaming Like Blackened Sunshine
Stars Are Never Sleeping
Dead Ones And The Living

Waiting For The First Move
Satyrs And Their Child Wives
Waiting For The Last Move
Soaking Up Our Primitive World

Purity Ring - Grammy Lyrics

What Do You Want From Me Cause 
I’ve Given You Everything
What Do You Need From Me 
Are You Not Happy With Anything?

Party Like A Rock Star, 
Hit ‘Em With The Hot Bars
Fast Like A NASCAR, Lime Like My Dad’s Car
I Deserve A Grammy, Will I Fly Away

Or Land On Miami? 
I Don’t Have Time To Rhyme
But I Do Have Time To Grind
S.O.D. Pirates, I Don’t Need A Hook

My Lyrics Illustrated Verses Taken From A Book
I Understand The Fans, Supply And Demand
Crunk At Command, Fight And We’ll Stand
Lyrics From A True Legend, 

Inna ft. Alexandra Burke - Tonight Lyrics

Cause It’s All Over Inside
I’m Waiting For Love Again, Saying To Myself
What I Feel About You, When No One Arrives
I Stare At My Phone Again, Put It To My Ear

Why Pretend When It’s Through?
So Baby Tonight
I’m Letting You Know
I’m Letting You Go

Baby Tonight
I Already Know
I’m Letting You Go
Cause Tonight

I’m Letting You Know
I’m Letting You Go
Baby Tonight
I Already Know

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LG Acquires HP’s WebOS to Enhance Smart TV Platform

Apparently, the Oscar buzz from Sunday night died pretty quickly this week because the Internet was all up in arms yesterday after CNET pulled a journalistic boner and ran with a story that should have been kept under wraps until made official. Do you remember when Hewlett Packard purchased Palm and all its assets back in 2010? If no, don't feel bad because it really didn't amount to much in the long run but apparently our friends over at LG kept their eyes peeled on this little thing called WebOS that was part of the transaction.

WebOS was Palm's innovative mobile operating system that formed the platform for the Palm Pre and Pre+ phones as well as HP's ill-fated WebOS tablet.  Great platform: not enough apps. The end?  Perhaps not.

Sony President Phil Molyneux Wants Your Help in Naming his Pink (Audio) Balls

Normally, the above headline would have us thinking about filing a restraining order. However, we're talking about the newly announced Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers and the president of Sony Electronics needs your help.

Phil Molyneux, the president of Sony, is hoping that consumers can help rename the company's Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers right before the product's official launch. Molyneux posted the request to the Sony blog, announcing the "Help us with a Name Contest."

All you have to do to enter is come up with a catchy product name and put it in the comments section underneath Molyneux's blog post. (It's probably a good idea to read the official contest rules, too.) He's promising to read each entry -- and will even send Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers to those who submit his top five favorites.

Sony's Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers promise up to five hours of wireless music on the go. The unit has Bluetooth and NFC one-touch connectivity, so you can pair it with a smartphone or tablet. Other features include built-in speakerphone functions and an auxiliary cable for pairing non-compatible devices. Also, because it's circular, it boasts 360 degrees of sound.

Samsung launches HomeSync 1TB Android Media Box for your HDTV

MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013 has been a busy show so far and our friends at Samsung have been stealing some of the spotlight with a slew of new mobile products including a new 8-inch Galaxy Note tablet. But the Korean manufacturer is heavily invested in both home entertainment and mobile technology -- and the convergence of the two -- so the release of the HomeSync 1TB Android Media Box at one of the biggest mobile conferences in the world shouldn't cause too much confusion. Is it designed to work with your Samsung tablet or smart phone? Absolutely. Will it spend 100% of its time underneath your HDTV? Count on it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A-Wax ft. Gucci Mane & DJ Paul - Make Room (Remix) Lyrics

I’m In The Kitchen Whippin Up, 
I’m Leading All You Niggas
I Gotta Say My Grace Because 
I’m Eating All You Niggas

Getting Fat Cookie, 
Cookies Feeding All You Niggas
I Gotta Say My Grace Because 
I’m Eating On You Niggas

I’m Sharp As A Knife, All I Know
Og Kush, Is All I Grow
Shrunka Pintolopia, 
I’ma Stand On Top Of Ya

Hit You With The Choppa Bro And 
Break Your Ass I Pop A Low
Le Flare Ain’t Too Popular,
I Can’t Even Dine In The Diner

Nina Simone - The Time Is Now Lyrics

The Time Is Now, 
I Need You
Hold Me Close
The Time Is Now, 

I Need You
So Don’t Be Cold
The Time Is Now, 

So Don’t Worry

I’ll Love You Good
The Time Is Now, 

Don’t Worry Baby
I Know I Should

Wiz Khalifa - Choosin Lyrics

[Verse 1: Curren$Y]
Daytime - Lights On
Hell Yeah I’m Frontin’ 
But You Love It

I Don’t Hide, Bitch, 
I’m High When I’m In Public
Even In My Everyday Ride I Be Stunting
This Is Nothing, Really,
You Should See Me Sunday
I’m From New Orleans, 
Love, So You Know How I’m Coming
Hop Out That Impala, Left The Motor Running

There’s My Lil’ Homies Front That Store, 
They Ain’t Gon’ Touch It
“Spitta, Where You Going?”
I’m Finna Make The Money

Wyclef Jean - Mid Life Crisis Lyrics

Point See Jones Once Told Me 
The Music Industry Is Not A 50 Yard Dash, 
It’s Global Gumbo And That’s A Marathon, 
Are You Ready To Finish What You Started? 

Little Burns On My Back, 
I’m Back From Hell’s Fire, 
Little Game To See The Devil’s Alive, 
Anything We Can Conquer, A LMP’s 

I’m On My Second Win Running 
Like A Jamaican 
I Want Progress Little Ball Cut,
The Few Shots Still Caught The Rapper, 

Closest They Got To Me Fallen Was Monday, 
Showing Dial, I Was Chokin’ The Legend, 
And What The Impression I Leave On Your Girlfriend, 
I Physically But It’s My Voice And She’s Hearing 

Boney James - Maker of Love Lyrics

I Think I Can Speak For All Men When I Say
There’s Something Exceptional, Unique, 
A About A Woman
Your Cold, Big Smile, 

Those Pretty Brown Eyes
Like Heaven …, Your Hair In The Wind
That Lives In Those Hills
That Switch All In Your Weapons

That Sexy Way You Talk, Girl
Like A Da Vinci Painting, Art Girl
And I, If I Can Make You With A Magic Wand
I Will Make You No Ever Got Away

And Who’s Made By The Maker Of Love?
You Was Made By The Maker Of Love
I Want You, Couldn’t Have You, No, Ever Got Away
And Who Was Made By The Maker Of Love?

Frank Ocean - Eyes Like Sky Lyrics

Hell Yeah
A Blind Boy Sees A Green Girl
She Drives A Green Car Through 
A Dream World

She Meets Up With The Green Club
And Talks Of Saving The Earth From Itself
A Blind Boy
Saw A Blue Man

Who Rides A Blue Bus Through A Nightmare
And Leaves Work To A Blue Home
But Blue Seems Different
Since She’s Passed Away

And The Same Boy
With Sunken Eyes Saw Me
And Described
Yellow So Perfectly

Margaret - Thank You Very Much Lyrics

Space Calling Earth Again
Say What
Houston This Is The End
We’re Lost

Tick Tick Tick Tack
Time’s Up
Station Is Shutting Down
Bad Luck

Barberalla Meets Godzilla
Since You Invited Both, 
Cling To Your Pantyhose…
I Want To Thank You Much

King Chip - WTF I Want To Lyrics

Dream On

I Can Remember Leaving In Cars
F**k The World, Living Is Hard
Making Mistakes And Fixen Em Up
Either That Or Not Givin’ A F**k

Cause Problems Show Up As Much As Your Girls
Knock On The Door And Into My World
Hope You Brought Some Weed My Nig
Break It On Down …

Baby Say We Can Tear Up This Hotel
As Long As I Promise To Her I Wont Tell
Cause She Be On Tv Reportin’ The News
Never Thought I’d Get A Load At Those Boobs
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