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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adding ICE Contacts to your iPhone

It’s always a smart move to keep ICE (In Case Of Emergency) contacts in your phone. In the unfortunate case that you were found unresponsive, Emergency Response personnel know who to contact for you. Some phones include this feature in your contact list, but with the iPhone you will need to enter them manually.

Here’s How:

First, open your contacts and click + to add a new contact. Then, type ICE – Firstname in the First field. (For contact lists sorted by last name, you may want to add this to last instead.) 

In the Company field, enter the full name and their relationship to you. 

Lastly, click add field, and choose Notes. This is where you will enter the phone number.

Click Done and your ICE contact will look similar to this:

When Emergency Response personnel open your contacts and search for ICE this is what will appear.

You will hopefully never need this, but I figure better safe than sorry!

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