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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flash Drive: How To Format/Erase Everything

Don from New Mexico writes:
How do I delete all the information off a flash drive, so that I can put new information on it?

Formatting a flash drive will wipe all the information off of the drive. Start by inserting the flash drive into your computer. Click on Computer (Windows 7) or My Computer (Windows XP) and right click on your flash drive and click format.

In the format screen, you’ll see the capacity of the drive and various technical information. The only piece of information you should need to change is the Volume Label, which is the name that will appear next to the drive letter for your flash drive. I like to name my flash drives something short but descriptive like mp3files or workdocs. Uncheck the Quick Format box click Start to format your flash drive.  

The formatting process should take a few minutes and you will see a green progress bar. Once it is complete, your flash drive will be completely wiped of all information it contained.

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