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Saturday, February 2, 2013

JoJo Simmons – Holy Water Lyrics

JoJo Simmons – Holy Water Lyrics

My Diamonds Be Shining, Like A Snow Cone I’m So Froze
Far As That Dough Goes
I’m Russel Simmons, You Jojo
Now How You Gonna Mention My Uncle Russel
Then Disrespect His Nephew
The Industry Forgot You

Fucker You Nothing Special
Piss In The Test Tube, Like Jigga, They Can’t Knock The Hustle
These Niggas Hate To Love You
Simmons Will Not Let You,

Compare Your Money To My Uncle Boy That’s Disrespectful
You’re Not Elligible, Tell Me What You’re Counting At …
I Will Have Her Violize, Crack Her Desires
Why You Had To Call My Name, Thought You Retired

Boy That Little Bit Of Fame You Had, That Shit Had Died
Tryina Ride Ross Dick To Get A Hit, You High
Sniffin Lines In The Studion, Tryina Come Up With Rhymes
You Really Sellin Dubs In Times
Saw That On …

That Little Ass Studion, Why You Hating On Mine?
Why You Hate On My Grind
Eyes Watching My Watch I Shine
Leaving You Haters Blind
Y’all Can’t Stop My Time
You Jealous Fellows Get Together Then You Fall Apart

Changing Like The Weather Claims 
The Hatred That’s Within Your Heard
And I Heard That Record Soft, Enemy Of Verse With Soft
Meek Mill Bodied That Shit, Rick Ross He Played His Part
You Well Sounded Lost Fraud, Tell Me What’s The Cause

Grow Some Balls, Them Niggas Next To 
You Getting More Checks Than You
God Don’t Let Ugly And Envy So He Ain’t Question You Nigga
Holy Waters These Niggas, Nigga, The Colder
Fuck It

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