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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

King Chip - WTF I Want To Lyrics

Dream On

I Can Remember Leaving In Cars
F**k The World, Living Is Hard
Making Mistakes And Fixen Em Up
Either That Or Not Givin’ A F**k

Cause Problems Show Up As Much As Your Girls
Knock On The Door And Into My World
Hope You Brought Some Weed My Nig
Break It On Down …

Baby Say We Can Tear Up This Hotel
As Long As I Promise To Her I Wont Tell
Cause She Be On Tv Reportin’ The News
Never Thought I’d Get A Load At Those Boobs

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose
Unless You Play No Games And Say F**k The Rules
And Do What You Want
Say What You Feel

I Am No Asshole, I Am Just Real
Being Polite Thats Just Being Fake
Hard On Myself But Thats Bein’ Great
Ninety-Nine Times Out Of Ten I Be Late

But When I Show Up, Set Up The Wake
Kill’t They Ass, Roll Up More Grass
Pour Some More Remy Up Off In This Glass
You Having Some Fun, Or Having A Blast?

Settle For Less, Nah I’ll Pass
I’mma Do What The F**k I Want To
And I’mma Buy What The F**k I Want To

Roll Up And Tell Them Girls To Come Through
Only If We Can Do Whatever I Want To

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