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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mack Maine ft. Flow, Cory Gunz & P.A.P.I. – Ghetto Symphony Lyrics

Then Who’s Fault Is It Anyway
Do You Trust What I Tell You
Don’t Fucking Move
And No One Will Get Hurt
Don’t Come In Any Closer

Don’t Fucking Move
Cause I Don’t Know How Much You Hurt My Heart In 2
To Beat A Murder Charge In New Orleans Is So Easy
Shoomies Got Me Spookin, I’m Shootin For No Reason

F**k, Fucking With Le Flow It’s Like Fighting With 4 Demons
Got 2 Forties On Me, My Gun And My Old English
Bitch, Turn Up The Level On My Mike
Make It Rain In The Sun Like When The Devil Beat His Wife

You See That Dude With That Gauge And His Straight Long Hair
Better Hope Like A Good Neighbor That Stay Foamed Up
It’s Loyalty Amongst Thieves But I’ll Take It If You Got It
Let Mac Hold My Burner While I Shake A Nigga Pockets

It’s Ymcmb And I Check It If You Gossip
Long Desert Eagle But It’s Peckin Like An Ostrich
You The Type Of Nigga That Will Tell If A Nigga Hit You
I’ll Throw A Fuckin Cocktail Through A Nigga Window
Flame Game Flow, You Fuckin With The Fire Starter

I Divide The Men From The Porches, All My Problems Solver
Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer
Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer
Mack Maine Say Fuck Em I’ma Shoot Em
Catch Em Out The Club, Follow Em, I Won’t Loose Em

I Had The Choppa Sing, Sing, Sing Like Music
They Offer Me Lean, But Nah I Don’t Use It
Ymc Affiliated, Yeah, Fuck It, That’s My Family
Shoot You In Your Range Rover, Shoot You In Your Camrin
Broad Daylight, New Jack City

I Got A Mac, Turn My Hood To Left Mag City
They Got Beef With Wayne, Tell Em Bring It Didy
I Got The Hammers In The Same Bag My Reefer’s In
And I Ain’t Tryina Live, Walk My Past Accolades

Black Hat, Black Mac, Black Escalade
I Only Sell Cocaine That’s Gorgeous
White On White Shit, Like A Pair Air Forces
My Bronx Niggas Leave Mu Corpses
Condel The …Cocaine Fortress

Niggas That Will Kill You For Affiliation
I Know Niggas That Will Kill You For Initiation
Bad Drug Deals That Kill You For That Situation
You Shouldn’t Have Put Your Moms In That Situation

Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer
Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer
What You Saying, What You Saying?
I’m Praying, Heaven’s A Ghetto

Made A Crystals With Criss Was Staying
You Ain’t The Same, You Wanna Louis Lane In My Louis Swinging
Show You, How To Go From Batman To Superman
So You Just Saying, Mac And I React

Like A Nigga Missed Lunch For A Good 10 Months
And I Do This Yeah Like A Done 10 Blunts
In The Booth So Swift, I Don’t Get Punched
Ain’t Telling Me Shit, Young Money To Death

You Ain’t Got The Chips, We Run In Your Breath
Then Run In Your House, Then Run In Your Bitch
In Front Of The Kids, Run Off The Steps
Niggas Get Doubt, They Plottin On Loadin No Sympathy

Now And Get Now Will I Show Em I’m Mentally Drowning
Around In The Thought That It Get Me Gunned Down
If He’s Down In The Boat I Proceed To Be G
Go On And Get It, Niggas Could Get It If We Let It Be

Fuck An Impression, I’m Cool With Confessing
From Young That I Want To Grow Up And Be Me
That’s My Slogan, I’m High In The Days
I Write In The Gaze, I Put Your Mind In The Maze

Don’t Never Fuck With The Boy
It’s Like Crime It Don’t Pay
Except For My Boys, Will Get Your Body Today
Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer

Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer
Untamed, Young Maine, Real Nigga Money
You Got Chump Change
Come Stains, Tongue Rings

Wild Nigga, Django Unchained
I Dump Thangs, Night At The Gun Range
For Point Blank, In Your Sun Frame
If I Can’t Find You
Then I Won’t Mind You…

Off Top, I Take Off Tops
A Bad Bitch And They Swallow Me Like Cough Drops
My Love Hot, But That Ain’t My Main Attraction
Ol Lil One Tryina Cop, I Don’t Know…
What Tony Braxton, Where Hale At

Oh There Go Lindsay Lohan, Where The Molly At
When Max Spits You, Girl Will Do A Back Flip
… Ass Nigga, He Will Play The Cat Fisher, Eh?
Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer
Don’t Come In Any Closer, Don’t Come In Any Closer

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