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Friday, February 8, 2013

Mack Maine - Just Venting Lyrics

I’m Ready, I Feel Your Pain Mama, Look
Shit, Living When The Youngin On, Novocaine
I Know Erybody In The Street Feel My Pain
Mack Maine Nigga, Shit

Son Of A Christian And Son Of A Junkie
Shit, My Pops Still Out Yeah Smokin The Rocks
For A Year I Chased That Nigga Round And Round The Block But

I Can’t Control A Grown Man
So I Grew Up Quick And I Got On My Own Plan
Now I’m A Grown Man Try Not To Fall
To The Curse Got The Monkey On My Back

Tryina Shake The Monkey Bring It Right Back To Zoo
But It’s Like, What The Fuck I’m Posed To Do
I’m Just A Product, A Junior
Nigga Know That I Can Die Sooner

Than Does In Oklahoma
I Could Catch A Tumor, Lot Of Rumors
Said Maine Ain’t Gonn Make It, Shit
Motherfucker Look, I’m Rollin With Toon

That’s My Nigga, Spitta My Nigga
See We All In It, Ready To Ride
We’re Serving Crack To The Peoples On The Corner
Niggas 15 Years Old Start Smoking Marijuana

By 17 They Smoking Pipes
Shit, What This Called, This Shit Is Life
A Lot Of My Niggas From The Hood, They Got Life
Now, All I Could Do Is Just Write

Shit, Tell Em How I Feel And Tell Em What I’m Doing
Let Em Know That I Ain’t Shit Shootin
I’m Still Pursuin My Career
For Those Up Above, I’m Still Pouring Up Beers

Niggas Tryina Hunt Me Down As If I Was A Deer
My Peers They Don’t Understand As I Just Steer
Looking Out My Rear View, Riding Out Clear View
Feeling Like Pac Did, Shit

You Could Call Me A Hustler/Block Kid
Shit I’m Still On The Block, Kid
Still Tryina Get This Loot Nigga, Tryina Get This Money
Young Money, Cash Money

That’s Where I’m At, You Wanna Come For Me
I Got Some Niggas That’s Gonn Blast For Me Asap
You Get Your Ass Clapped
Shit, We Don’t Play That

Hood Niggas, We Feel That On Benzes And Maybach
When We Start To Shoot You, You Better Stay Back
See We Will Find Out Where You Stay At
The Playground Where Your Kids Play At

That’s Cold, Shit Get Cleaned Something Like Ajax
Y’all Niggas Don’t Really Want It An Able
You Tryina Get Maybach
But You Might Not Even Make It

To Make To See The Next Much
Your Next Blunt Could Be Your Last Blunt
Your Next Month Can Be Your Last Month
Motherfucker Your Last Pussy Can Be Your Next Cunt

Cause Hoes Givin 4 Letter
That’s Aids, Me, Myself I Roll With Dizzy
That’s My Nigga, Brat Nigga That’s My Trigger
We Got Automatics To Get Drastic

And Niggas Get Stressed Out Like Elastic
And Wrapped Up Up In Plastic
I Hope Your Mama Got A Policy,
I Hope Because Flow You Niggas Follow Me

In The Mist Of The Hurricane, Like A Pile Of Me
But I Ain’t Never Play For Miami Motherfucker
With A College Right Quick, Dropped Out One Semester
Don’t Fuck With Young Girls Because I’m Not A Chester

God Bless The, Man That Stand In Front Of The Mike
Right Now, Shit I Could Drop Dead Nigga Right Now
But I’m Enjoying My Life, They Ask Me What I’m Doing
Yes I’m Living

If I Get Rich Back To The Hood I’m Giving
Motherfucker, Middle Class Ain’t What I’m Sellin For
I Don’t Understand, Why Niggas Don’t

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