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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mistah F.A.B. – What Huey Told Me Lyrics

Last Night I Had A Dream That I Spoke With Huey
Told Me That He Love And Respect What I Do For The Community
Said The Power And The People, If People Use Their Power

Building The Infrastructure, First Get Rid Of Them Cowards
Stand Firm On Your Belief And Supoort It With Truth
Create An Army Full Of Soldiers And Rally The Troops

Education Is Key, Attack With A Proper Approach
Stay Clear Headed, No Alcohol, Weed Or The Dope
Learned From My Mistakes, Control And Dominate

Destroy And Procreate, We Rise To Elevate
Politicians Tell Lies To Rise Cause They Hela Fake
Revolutionary Suicide, Beside Selling Face
Religion And Slavery, Pastors Just Be Sellin Faith

Promise In Heaven, Knowing We In Hell This Place
Thin Line Before Hero And A Villain’s Place
The Card Game Is Real, You Know Just How They Feel The Apes
Gentrification Is Rebuilding A Vare Nation

Pushing South, Forces The Hopandation
While They Make The Things That Was Ugly, Beautiful
The Ghetto Turned Pretty, That’s Annihilate Then
Politicians Truth That They Hide In The Text Books

They Know We Won’t Read It, So Put It In The Textbooks
Rather Give Us Welfare, To Fund The Warfare
Deny Us The Healthcare, Knowing It’s A War Here
Ghetto Systematically, Forces To Search For Salary

Materialistic Praises, The Reason Of Casualties
Prison Systems Built Daily, Wise Men Drove Crazy
Europe At The Corner Store, Call You Cousin And Then Say Pay Me
Fuck You, In His Own Language
And If You Don’t, He Will Pull Out That Chrome Stainless

The Suspect Named Be Said, If He Black On The News
And If He Not Black, You Know That His Name Remain Nameless
You Know I Ain’t Racist, I Know Too Many Races
I Got A Lot Of Friends, From Many Different Nations
And We Just Tryina Build One Brotherhood

But Man That’s All When You Know That Your Brother Would
Kill You At The Quickness Of Your Brother Could
Get You For Anything He Found Like Another Jug
And They Wanna Blame These Problems On Obama
Knowing Damn Well They Were Bush’s Problems, On My Mama

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