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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Problem - Understand Me Lyrics

Huh, May Roll For A Real Nigga Will You See It
Fake Nigga Yeah I Got The Jail,

Oh You’re Thirsty Get Out My Damn,
Buzzling For The Paper, Honey Prove Now Chaser
That’s You Benz I’ma Tack, Run The Backer,

I Need Some Good To Smub
Shit Rap Don’t Work, Take You Took It Approach,
Don’t Mub Us For Real,
Proud Yeah, I Got Me A Lip,

Plug Down I’m Ready To Pop Me A Pill
Turn Off F*Ck Up, I Turn This F*Ck Up,
And Look It Too Long, Boy I F*Ck It Up,
My Diamond In The Rough, Glad When I Struck,

Married To The Grind, Bout To Buy Me A Tuck,
Nigga I’m Fresh, Nigga I’m Bext
Go To My Chest, Holding My Left, Holding My Right,
This Is My Life, I’m Bout To Make A Move,
You Nigga Close Bite, But First Do This.

I Don’t Do Fake, Do You Understand Me?
I Don’t Do Hate, Do You Understand Me?
Smoke, Can I Get Cake, Do Understand Me?
Real Nigga All Day, You Understand Me?

It’s All Day, You Understand Me?
It’s All Day, You Understand Me?
What, You Understand Me,
What? You Understand Me?
What? You Understand Me?

It’s Like This All Day, You Understand Me?
Pushing Down The Block Watching You From The Cop,
Yeah, Checking These Traps, Looking For The Guap
Flow So Clean I Don’t Need To Mob,

Make The Scene Go Dumb When The Quick Drop On
Can You Feel That? Can You Feel That?
P**Sy P**Sy P**Sy Kill That, Kill That
I’ve Seen The Ice Now Your Girl Know What She Want To Chill That

Wanna Chill That, Wanna Be With The Real Ask Bout Me, Bout Me
I Stay Molly Webbed And I Keep It Trill Like We For No Gun
Call Me Gone Call Me In The Corner

She’ll Be Funny To Me, Everything’s About Money But Me
Turn A..Molly All In My Tequila, 
Checks For Me Too,
I Just…

I Make Things Look Easy, Swear To God I Make Things Look Easy,
I Don’t Mind With That, I Make This Look Easy
Swear To God, I Make Things Look Easy
I Don’t Mind With That, Then I Swear To God 

I Make Things Look Easy
Man, I’m On My Mouth, On My Mouth,
Man, I Swear To God, I Make Things Look Easy

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