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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pusha T – Funkmaster Flex (Freestyle) Lyrics

Pusha T – Funkmaster Flex (Freestyle) Lyrics

My God, My God
Good Music Y’all, Good Music
We Have Game Forever
OK, Shut Up Maserati .. I See You..Let’s Go!
Check It!

As I Get Harder, Haters Getting Madder
Ask Her Later Up, F*Ck The Letter
Success Calling, Your World Share It
They Say It’s Destiny To Me It Never Mattered

Drug Overload, It Put Me Overload
Say You’re Getting Money, We’re Getting Overboard
New Year’s What My B*Tch In The Palms ..Like .. With The ..Street
The .. The King..I Jump Square From ..Mother F*Cker’s ..

They … I Ain’t ..
Now Handle That, ..Handle That.
Why Drippin’ ..Like Candle ..To The Next One
I’m .. In The Kitchen…

Come On Flexx, Check It, Come On, Check It
I’m ..Beyond..You Put Em Back After You’re Tryin On
I’m Pushing Kilos .. In The ..On
Cocaine Cowboys No ..But I’m Styling On

Every .. Got My Talent On ..
Late Night Get My .. Request On That Price That They’re Begging On
I’ll Be The Different Drum,
Good Music But I Still Give With Different Tongue

The Num One Becomes Number One, See As Grammy Night ..
.. So Rock Baby .. Under One
Make A Work For It, …
In The Morning She Can Get A Heal..
Which Doctor Flow, You Can Say I’m ..The Way…Push

Nice Baby
You Know What It Is
You Know It
Come On, What’s Up Karin, What’s The Deal
I’m From Virginia…

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